Parkhouse Eatery – Hillcrest/University Heights

I’m sure someone will correct me on the location so I included this for a landmark.parkhouse3

Anyway, I haven’t written in a while and meant to point out this wonderful place to have a snack . . . or more. Parkhouse Eatery is a nice small eatery that my wife and I found while traveling through the area above San Diego. I had pointed out another place that a Culinary friend and retired Navy Chief (actually waaay more than that) had successfully opened in the immediate area near the Balboa Naval Hospital. Since I should give her a very loud shout out, I’ll take this opportunity. Please visit Industrial Grind or (now) Industrial Grind 2 and say, “Hi” from this CritDick. Hear her story and leave with a cup of her finest brew and a smile on your face.industrialgrind

The Hillcrest/University Heights area near San Diego is host to many fine establishments for dining. The wife and I had a hunkering for some good grub from somewhere we have never visited and decided on the one that had the largest late morning crowd (something I had learned when traveling abroad) and were treated to some great food with eclectic plating and new ideas. To keep this brief, it not only filled the void, but impressed us with the enticing menu and delectable flavor profiles that were placed in front of us.parkhouse1


Parkhouse eatery is one of the best places in the area that features a breakfast/lunch menu devided by a short break to turn around for dinner service. They feature housemade menu items and unique cocktails. Give Parkhouse a try. I don’t think you’ll be dissatisfied.parkhouse2




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