A Halloween Party of Parties – Pala Casino . . . and what happened to the Chef? In CAVE?

hallo9Now that the kids are a bit older, I miss sifting through the bag of treats they bring home after a night of roaming neighborhoods for this eve of spooks and goblins. Although the kids don’t roam anymore, the wife and I had explored a fresh take on the eve of hallows by attending the costume party at Pala Resort and Casino.

I was told there was a hefty prize for the wining costume. We saw everything from The Three Amigos (our personal favorite, that included the dance and cough) to ridiculous takes on zombies and headless horsemen. hallo3There were some really great costumes and some pretty creative participants. Even the host was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow that included the “Keith Richards” accent made famous from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie’s character portrayed by Johnny Depp.hallo5

This guy kept careful pace as he introduced more than 200 entrants, their costumes and played off of almost every sketch they performed in front of the judges.hallo2

The new Cave chef???

Also, I noticed the dinner menu at Cave had not appear to have changed since my last visit over two months ago. hallo7 hallo8I also took a quick trip into the Cave and talked briefly with the bartender. He had mentioned that Chef Luciano Cibelli was no longer there guiding the service at this establishment. From what I could see, the Cave itself had a very good performer on stage down below, but there were only about six customers for this busy Halloween casino. A quick trip back upstairs revealed a less than pleasurable customer count in the restaurant; and speaking with the greater, said the Sous Chef was the person in charge now in the kitchen, minus any “Head Chef”. Wow, I hope they figure that scene out quickly . . . to be continued. Perhaps this guy should be cooking.

hallo1We hope to have an opportunity to come out another Halloween to this great party. The band of Angels performed a number of great covers that kept all of the zombies and others dancing relentlessly through the night despite the very long intermission while the judging ensued.

hallo4I had  a number of friends and family wearing costumes for the contest but they were also waiting outside of the venue are used for this event so I tried to help out by fetching them drinks. I was eventually cut-off by the bartender David, because enough was enough . . . plus I was glad as I had paid for a hefty share of those drinks so our friends could stay in line. There were contestants and weird costumes everywhere. It was a fun night.


We hope they continue this event next year.


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