Oceanside, CA – A new place to visit. 


It seems a likely city for dwelling upon after traveling through; or, perhaps it’s just a small city in which to visit, because it seems to be a very popular thing to do nowadays.
Oceanside, CA has become quite the eclectic and amusing little beach city that was once just a place to avoid, unless you were a young US Marine on a night of liberty, or perhaps a wanderer that is looking from something free to keep you going, . . . or hopefully keep moving on. Not that the city has changed significantly from the past, but it seems likely it will continue to grow in the direction of the hopeful visitor desiring to get a quick escape.

Oceanside is now worthy of a visit for almost anyone nowadays. I recommend making a stop and getting out of the car to walk around. That’s just what we did. The city’s location to the Pacific Ocean, the beach, and now the destination. Oceanside possesses one of the few worthy piers along the Southern California coast; and now fresh resorts, upscale diners, eateries, tap-houses and breweries. Seems like Oceanside is a likely place for not only those young Marines, but their families as well. Don’t get me wrong; Oceanside is still a thing clinging to its rich history of the past, but I don’t think it’s because of the city’s planning commission, but rather the buildings that are still owned and occupied by the same businesses that have focused for so long in providing support (politically correct) or preying on the dollars of those young Marines. You see, Oceanside is in close proximity to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in which those Marines are temporarily stationed while in their ground force training mode, or those stationed here with the operating forces that make up the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (1 MEF) or the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (3rd MAW).

Having recently walked the streets through the beach area of Oceanside along CA Hwy 1 (AKA Pacific Coast Highway as I have known it for so many years) there are so many people walking out on a Friday night that it is almost as scary as it was of the years past. Now, there are a lot of folks just meandering around, and others just hanging out to watch the people walking around . . . there are just a lot of people. Yes there are still Marines, there are still vagrants and there are still hookers; but there are well to do folks walking those streets visiting places like Barrel Republic https://www.facebook.com/Barrel-Republic-Oceanside-123753537955680/timeline/ barrelwhich is a spin-off of their Pacific Beach location but with food service that looked decent. We didn’t try the food, but may perhaps return to do so. There is also Masters Kitchen and Cocktails that served up some inspiring grub in a beautifully restored building. Masters has a pretty neat story to go along with their menu here: http://www.mastersoceanside.com/our-story/. There’s always some old standbys like 333 Pacific (awesome cocktails and food) https://cohnrestaurants.com/333pacific333masters2 and just off of PCH is The Flying Pig (long been a favorite of ours) http://flyingpigpubkitchen.com/.flying pig1

These are just few names of the establishments that have popped up over the last few years that have helped Oceanside turn the corner and made this city a place to visit, especially if you haven’t been here for a long time. There is so much to do and see here now, enough to keep you coming back; because each visit you will discover something new, or you may talk to someone that has a great recommendation, or perhaps you may just not get to them all.

And don’t forget the great area along the sand beneath that awesome pier. And you have to walk the pier just to read some of the engraved names and dates of the donors that have helped pay for the maintenance and restoration of the pier over the years. It’s a nice afternoon, or after-dinner walk.

Check out what Oceanside has to offer. You might just appreciate what you have been missing.



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