Ruby Boots. First American Tour. Another treat.

As I think of what to write about this amazing artist, while again and again I listen to her, all I can think about is sitting on a country house porch; you know, the kind that surrounds the whole house. Sitting and watching the rail cars pass by. Mark Twain kinda stuff. That’s what I hear in Ruby Boots. Like watching fireworks and really enjoying the holiday . . . or whatever, just chillin’. Enjoying what I enjoy, food, family and music. Boots Boots

On September 11th and 12th, 2015 you can have a chance of experiencing this Australian breakout performer here in San Diego’s North County. Perhaps listening to her you’ll start remembering the things that happen to each of us in life. The Country-inspired music of this soft-voiced powerhouse writer/performer will find you rescinding to your roots (Boots). I find her music, lyrics and singing style to be somewhere in between David Gray and Lucinda Williams. Ruby Boots will be bringing her country-hearted reality of life inspired melodies and lyrics to the recognizably-fast emerging stages of The Gopher Hole and Julian Station in North San Diego County. Ruby Boots Don’t miss this show!

Bex Chilcott (AKA Ruby Boots) will be joined by her guitarist, Lee Jones (co-writer on Cola and Wine). Upon their arrival to America, Bex and Lee will have quick stop in Los Angeles, California the night before. The very next day they will be heading our way for two performances before heading off to Nashville, Tennessee to take part in the Americana Awards. Cattle Call Events or  brings Bex and Lee to enliven the growing popularity of The Gopher Hole on Friday night (Sept 11) at Castle Creek Country Club. Then the following evening (Sept 12) at Julian Station

Bex and Lee will take the stage Friday night around 7:30ish at “The Hole” and I’ve been told we can possibly expect some surprises, because San Diego’s energetic and Americana-powerful Sumbucks will also be driving home the country fever until it flat out rocks! The Sumbucks offer this on their website @, “We all grew up in small towns, just in different places. Everybody doesn’t just know everybody, they know that person’s story too. We might have been called that “wild sumbuck”, or that “crazy sumbuck” or just plain “weird sumbuck” where we grew up, but now it’s our turn to tell the stories, our way. That’s what makes us the Sumbucks”. And trust me, these guys shred. I’ve seen them several times . . . they always put on an excellent show. I’m hoping, and I think the Sumbucks are hoping, for a great show this evening with Ruby Boots.

farm truck1

Saturday from 1pm to 5pm Ruby Boots will be performing at Julian Station on a bill that includes performances by Ramona, CA’s quick-rising Alternative Country band Farm Truck, and an awe-inspired performance of Dusty and the Love Notes I first heard Dusty and The Love Notes by accident while running the green room during one of Cattle Call’s events. I heard their incredible music off in the distance and could never escape to witness it with my eyes. I have since seen Dusty on several occasions and am always enamored with the music and melodies of this superstar. This day is sure to get your foot tapping.


Dusty and the Love Notes’ Facebook says this, “At 19, Dusty moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands, wed a pirate and lived aboard their sailboat, Golden Dragon (a 50′ cutter rigged sloop). I got a crash course in taking care of myself that has served me well over the years.” Her time on the water also yielded three songs; “Antigua”, “Serendipity” and “Geordie’s Song” that are featured on her first cd, “What Did You Expect?” She moved stateside 10 years later and eventually found herself in the San Diego area of California”. Dusty can always be found along side of her guitarist Indian Joe. “Indian Joe was inspired by Elvis and even studied at the University of California, San Diego’s music department in order to teach professionally. When he wasn’t picking up gigs, he got involved in songwriting groups where he wrote and recorded. After seven years of playing blues, rockabilly and classic rock and roll, along with the “outlaw country” music”. (

Ok, so just who is this Ruby Boots? Her website offers this: “Ruby Boots’ bold and unafraid music doesn’t hide from what she wants and doesn’t care who knows it. Just like the characters in her songs, where life and love are serious matters, it’s a case of get on board or get out of the way”. “Her somewhat cowboy mouth rolls out banter with the heart-warming charm of a drunken Irishman. This is not cookie cutter country music dressed for outback B&S balls. Ask her about such things and she’d likely suggest you should just remove the ampersand and you’d be close to the mark”. I don’t know about you, but I want to meet this one. She seems to be a keeper!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity. When Jimmie at Cattle Call tells me it a must see . . . I know what he means.

I really think this is the best way to see great performers from around the world. In our own back yard. It’s a lot cheaper.



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