The Bad – Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma. 

I have said that there are many food establishments in Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma. However I also said there were many many maintaining below average reviews on Yelp. It seems that consistency here is the killer. Consistently below-average food and service in the many opportunities here in Lawton/Fort Sill. In my book, a Yelp average is […]

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen – Vista CA . . . a gastro-pub.

For owners Roger “Roddy” and Aaron Browning and staff, the introduction of a fresh restaurant with un-duplicated cuisine in this emerging market has resulted in nothing short of the classic style they have built over the years with the Flying Pig brand. A gastro-pub right here in Vista, CA. The lessons they had learned with their first […]

Am I the only Cuban in town? Niko’s Express – Vista, CA

Ok, with so many opportunities in this town, why is there only one? Niko’s Express in Vista, CA has the only Cuban sandwich in town . . . and it’s good. Hurry before the neighbors find out. Before the guy next door realizes his lost opportunity. Oh wait, maybe this is a challenge to the […]

Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma  – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (whistling sound).

It wasn’t until the last of our 5-day visit that I was able to put two and two together. Seeing multiple sculptures and the various art work throughout Lawton/Fort Sill during our visit seemed to only confuse us. Then in day four we took a quick trip through Wichita Mountain, more like a canyon (about […]