VCHS Football Family Night

Been waiting for this and it has finally arrived. The football booster’s (anyway . . . the Varsity team, I think) invitation to the Valley Center High School (VCHS) Football Family Night. This time it’s a BBQ and viewing of the teams at the end of their practice day. The players have made it through 2-a-days and are now ready to start playing; and tonight they look good.  Perhaps this is a first . . .  the BBQ thing. But I tell you honestly, this is perhaps what we needed.vc1
For Valley Center, CA (VC), football is like a mid-western high school’s football program. Since this school sits just about smack-dab in the center of this 2.5-minimum-acre parcel rural community; there’s not a whole bunch to do on a Friday night out in these parts. In other words, football a big deal.
vc4So VC’s football program gets a lot of community support. And with their CIF streaks in the very recent years, there appears to be no less of a reason to watch some of VC’s best students compete in one of VC’s best loved local sports. Coach Gilster said, “This is an exciting Senior Class”, as he yells across Jaguar Stadium with the PA system to the ASB President (and one of the Receivers of his 2015 Varsity team). Coach liked his PA system tonight. He and the Director of Athletics spoke well before this crowd . . . honestly, and almost too long. But I understood their message, “students and service”, as Coach singled out Mr. Bowling (the ASB President) for his service. Calvin Bowling responded to Coach and the crowd by jumping atop a large, upside down bucket, flexing his arms. Coach really had an honest coach to parent talk this evening. Coach Gilster is a good coach. I even witnessed him adjusting the PA speakers (I like this guy) at dinner time to project the mellow tunes toward the area of food service, . . . and the only “shade”, in the grandstand area this eve.vc3
Yes folks it football time again and if you’re a parent of one of these kids you have, at some point, become forced to going to these games as well; and the events. I’m glad I came to this event. Although the “BBQ” was burgers (not bad) or the burnt-on-one-side dogs (that’s ok, I like ’em like that, plain, no bun), the sides of salads, fruits, chips, charcuterie and cookies/baked stuff provided by the Senior Class parents/kids, made this a nice event. There was really a lot of great food. It was our first event of this manner and had questioned if there had ever been a Family Night like this BBQ. We ate way too much, and we liked it. It was fun!vc5
Our player (son) is now driving for the last years of his playing. Although we don’t have to trek up the hill, we have become used to buying a couple of booster discount cards, reluctantly, even when we know we won’t use them. And we are used to splitting the duties of attending “mandatory” meetings for parents of a high school student, as we always try to pass it off on the other parent. Possibly our behavior is not typical. But this is our last child here in the program, please give us a break. Been there, done that. But this night was just a bit different.
Regretting the drive up the hill, for some “politically and socialitically” correct public school “advisory” type meeting, was not on the top of our priority list this eve. Yeah seems like everything is a drive for folks here in VC. I guess most don’t mind the drive for a replacement of our solitude. Now you might understand what football is to us in VC. Sometimes it’s hard, but we love it. Football IS Valley Center. I tell it like this; some of the parents were wearing their son’s number, some of a Charger player’s jersey, some just in shorts and flip-flops. This is San Diego already. Even Coach Gilster realized he (the team) had scheduled this event  during the Charger’s first pre-season match this year. He apologized. But I think, for everyone attending, this evening had turned out kinda special.vc2
So I guess what I’m saying, is that this Family night BBQ was a good idea. It got us in front of the coaching staff long enough for Coach to explain the program to the parents of the Freshmen, JV and Varsity teams.
If we listen to Coach Gilster and continue to support what VCHS does for our kids, and give a little back, this might just be another banner year.
Help the team and school continue their success into the future years. Continue to raise great kids. Continue to be proud of this community and its family.
Football in Valley Center. Going into summer . . . it’s a great thing.

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