“Being at the tip of the spear” . . . no shit . . .

. . . It’s a saying that I had learned when I was in the Navy. It means to be at the battle’s edge . . . ready to engage (way more simply put).

I feel now as though I am on that spear’s tip. I have an idea, and a very potential opportunity to raise the bar. To have my first culinary business. But that’s not all; I have found a cash-cow opportunity right near where I live. The kind of opportunity that makes you say . . . , “No Shit!” dr-evil

I had stumbled on this thought because of something I was told one day. Then I happened to think about what I had learned in school by a very successful entrepreneur/professor. Jane Said (Jane’s Addiction) . . . (yes she and I were about the same age), “Find something that is truly missing . . . there, you will find success”. I’m sure she said it nothing like that, but that’s what I’m going with. And yes, I plan to engage her very educated mind about this idea. She was one of the truly great professors I had learned under while at AI. Now you know why they’re hired as “Professors”.

When I brought this idea to my wife and kids they too said, . . . “No Shit!” And thought the idea to be an awesome opportunity to enter the restaurant business. But this idea isn’t something that needs to be much even though about. WHAT???. I mean this idea is a no-brainer. Once you realize my idea . . . You’ll be like . . . . . . NO SHIT!

So now we have to start creating the menu. That is the first step in creating any food business. What are you going to serve?

Unfortunately, I cant tell you what I’m going to serve, because that is what is missing.

Because you’ll be like. “Duh, . . . . No Shit!”



1 thought on ““Being at the tip of the spear” . . . no shit . . .

  1. You know what they say, “location, location, location”.

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