The Valley Center Gourmet Food Truck Festival 2015 – HOT stuff!!!

It appears this event has been gathering some of the best food trucks together at Bates Nut Farm since 2012 when these so-called mobile kitchens were quickly scattering themselves across much of San Diego. In the years since, this event has kept bringing some of San Diego’s best food back to the same location. I had attended some years […]

The NEW Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen, Vista, CA . . . a night to celebrate.

For the most recent review (09/08/15) of Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen in Vista, CA click here: I had expected, there were absolutely no disappointments this evening being invited for the second day of this soft opening. I had just been astonishingly notified of being published that day and bought 20 copies of the release; when earlier that […]

Sunrise Bistro and Catering . . . and a stay in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Traveling our first afternoon throughout the bay area, we had treated ourselves to lunch at The Dead Fish directly across the bay from California Maritime Academy (the wife and my personal favorite for school selection). Again, The Dead Fish’s cuisine and service was very good. Watch out for the burger . . . it’s quite a large bite. That […]