cooking for 8 or 15 – The Man Cave is missing the wide screen.

I’ve been through this routine before. What are we working on? Who is showing up? What time are you getting there? Have you any guess as to how many variables go on into a simple trip to Lake Havasu? Over the years I have become accustomed to just being there. Showing up and doing whatever. […]

Survival of the fittest – The Gopher Hole – Escondido, CA

Date line is stamped with this blog. Somehow we keep going back. We are considered “regulars”. The Gopher Hole has now, long been a focus of my studies and hopes for some three years now. Having recently learned of its inevitable . . . I think the name of the joint should be renamed Punxsutawney […]

A Lake Tahoe retreat. Better defining the “Customer Experience”. PART – 5 (Final)

So here’s the deal. After staying in the Heavenly Village area for a week, and after some recollection and deliberation; my wife and I identified a couple of key things we feel would fill Wolfgang Puck’s financially backed years of presence in that location, now occupied by a struggling establishment that is seemingly anticipating its […]

A Lake Tahoe retreat. Better defining the “Customer Experience”. PART – 4

I think one of the better highlights of our journey came when my eldest and new-bride . . . and new-brides brother appeared the Thursday morning. They came in at 3:30am. The gaming captain (wife) drug me across the border to hopefully stay awake for the night until they kids got in, but we immediately knew they […]

A Lake Tahoe retreat. Better defining the “Customer Experience”. PART – 3

A trip to South Lake Tahoe is an experience in itself; however, there are so many other things to see and do if you travel just a short distance from the popular Heavenly Village area. First, if you haven’t gone around the Lake, then I suggest you do take the all-day trip . . . […]