Showing up “Spectacular!”

RoTelVelveetaWell if you know the history, you would better understand. I can’t just arrive at an event with just a bag of chips, I have to have them (the chips) arrive in spectacular fashion. They cant just be thrown on a the table with some jarred or canned salsa or cheese. No it’s gotta be a chip throwdown. Now that I’ve got this education, people expect to see something . . . something . . . everything! The word gets out even before I arrive. I’m labeled somekind of “chef”. But I’m not . . . I don’t necesarrily like being called a chef, and I have never worked in the industry. I was never working in the capacity of a chef, therefore I feel as though I am undeserving of the title. Yet, I arrive, and people already know, they are expecting something from me. I can’t just show up and plop a bag of chips on the table. I have to show up and somehow be spectacular.

“Bring some cheese and crackers”, she says . . . knowing it’s me . . . my bestest friend, knows I know. How does she know? Her son too graduated from the same university as I. Her son too graduated with a BS degree in Culinary studies. Actually he chose the hospitality side in which I had considered marrying with my previous aviation degrees. For that I had figured they married well in the airline industry. But no, I went Culinary Management. Her son is off to a rock solid career as a result, already a Sous Chef at a notable retirement resort community here in San Diego.Moscato

Well, I show up with some crackers and cheese. Actually, wine too! I had used a bit of my education to marry a slightly melted Brie cheese, pomegranate seeds, fresh squeezed lime juice with lime zest garnish. It was around the holidays so the colors were white, bright/deep red and green zest. It was a pretty plate. Sorry no picture (I don’t normally take pictures of my presentations at parties). Now what are your expectations of taste? Rich buttery cheese, bitter-sweet pomegranate crunch and tart lime. But see, I needed to break up the elements of those flavors and introduce a sweet element. My son had purchased a very sweet Moscato D’Asti  from Italy. The comments were very positive. It was a wonderful combination . . . but you had to try it with the wine, otherwise it was seeming meaningless. Then, after you tried the first bite, I could care less what you did.

Next time, I’m showing with some raw squid and pickles. Let’s see if that gets a reaction . . .


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