“Culinary Velocity” – defined!

Velocity diagram 1Why do we struggle with our art? Are we not worthy of such emotion? Lady Gaga recently said on a Howard Stern interview that she feels such deep emotion when engulfed in her art. At that moment, I began to think about the culinary arts . . . or science; and about what it takes to evoke emotion as a culinarian. Is this an art? Is this a science? Is this the only life evolution that culminates the two on a level only comprehendible by those that understand this modern-day extrapolation of ideas? Think about it. Is the culinary art, the only art that can bring in attributes . . . heavy attributes (bull shit . . . “serious attributes) from the sciences? Wow! Do I recognize that as being “velocity” in the culinary arts? Interesting stuff here jack!

So just what is culinary velocity? Velocity is defined as speed with direction. Culinary velocity can therefore be defined as “directed influence”. Such would be the case with molecular gastronomy where science meets art in the form of creative experiments with food . . . presented in a very unique way.

Let us now look at the marriage between music and food. Did I not make the correlation between the two sometime ago when I married Adele and Chef Achatz? Such is also the case with the direction I am attempting to steer my ship. Seems everyone enjoys great food and everyone also greatly enjoys great music. I happen to also enjoy other things, . . . like miracles of engineering feats as well as scientific things like what can be found on the Discovery Chanel. Am I weird or, are there extremes from many influences that shape us, . . . that point us in the direction, yet maintaining a speed at which we choose.

I have found I tend to enjoy great musical performances regardless if live or a studio recording. Living and breathing are hard enough on our body and emotional factors that influence our behaviors tend to create stressors that tear at the body even more. Part of our lifecycle REQUIRES us to replenish our nutrients with food. Sensory factors enhance or lives like taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. Cooking our food helps prevent disease and allows us to consume things that would otherwise be toxic to our bodies. Adding in the sensory factors of taste, touch, smell and sight can be accomplished with just one plate of food; only a sizzling platter of fajitas (or similar) now brings in the hearing portion of this equation. Extrapolated, this equation can allow a musical performance to evoke climatic crescendos of a culinary performance; and likely a similar reversal if performing each live in front of the guest. What I’m talking about here is a live musical performance and live dining performance married in the same event, in a setting of additional sights, sounds and smells that can bring on eye shutting, illusionary thoughts of ecstasy.fajitas

In this case I talk about culinary velocity as being my self centered desire to achieve that ecstasy in some fashion, form or cause. I think there is a place, yet not established, that can resolve my culinary velocity. That of bringing a passionate blend of a great musical performance and a great culinary performance in one setting that enhances the mind, and allows the spirit to open and become enveloped in these married performances . . . on a recurring basis. Something that can be perfected enough that its weekly routine would become synonymous with perfection . . . and anticipated by its guests to get the same quality (or better experience) every time. Think about the possibilities. Now again think back to a married performance of greats like Adele and Grant Achatz. Can this not be achieved?


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