Recognizing Awesomeness – The Passing . . .

If you are a regular to my endeavors you should have noticed a reasonably significant change in the quantity and diversity of my latest writings. Yes, things have been going on. Just before Christmas of 2013, I had just graduated with some degree I was told came with a piece of paper. Shit, 3 months later and I think they may have reconsidered. Just before … Continue reading Recognizing Awesomeness – The Passing . . .

“Culinary Velocity” – defined!

Why do we struggle with our art? Are we not worthy of such emotion? Lady Gaga recently said on a Howard Stern interview that she feels such deep emotion when engulfed in her art. At that moment, I began to think about the culinary arts . . . or science; and about what it takes to evoke emotion as a culinarian. Is this an art? … Continue reading “Culinary Velocity” – defined!

What is “hospital time!”

I have spent a very fair amount of time at the local hospital recently; Tri-City Hospital.Β  Have you ever wondered why everyone hates taking the quick trip to the emergency room? It’s not because of the cracked-out meth freak sitting next to you attempting to bite his own elbow; or the guy sneezing,Β that has figured out how to graffiti using the space between his fingers … Continue reading What is “hospital time!”

– The Business Card –

I recently visited Temecula’s newest craft brewery, Karl Strauss. I have, several times in the past, visited Karl Strauss in Carlsbad, CA and San Diego, CA. They have changed their menu over the years.Β Wifey and I don’t care for anything since around 12 years ago when our first taste was at a catered function at the brewery some 14 or so years ago. Karl Strauss … Continue reading – The Business Card –