What’s in my EYE? . . . passion . ,

Bug and Thing Jan 15 20141.jpgSo I guess I’m now 52. Too easy to lose track. Could be still 51 . . . Now that I’m done with culinary school I find that I again have a garden . . . sucks when it’s 2.3 acres. I have again realized my badd ass VW’s are both running and I have found all of the old parts . . . almost all of them. I don’t know quite what’s there, but everything looks familiar. Scary!

I have now found that 2014 presents, yet a new venture into the world. First is trying to remember to put “2014” instead of “2013” on those bouncers. I have also realized that I have a family. It’s all messed up, . . . but it’s a family. I have found that my two Great Danes have found themselves back onto our bed somehow. I have also realized that I have been getting very good rest nowadays.

As of this day, I’m still waiting for my paper degree to show up. Hmmm, maybe they reconsidered. Oh well, another day goes by and I have also found that I don’t constantly think about culinary adventures . . . or ventures so much anymore. I do, however, still have a passion that still seems to burn inside of me. Perhaps it’s this distorted sense of reality that exists here at CritDicks. Am I, who thinks , , , I am?Curlyhoward

Let’s move this forward and expel what really matters . . . food. While I sit here and type this (and I still suck at it), I’m trying to figure out why I have been able to lose weight coming out of the holidays; and yet it was right in the middle of them that I peaked at my highest poundage. Today, I even did a full set of pushups to hone this big boy. Hey, STFU . . . right smack in the middle of the holidays . . . , I pause for one day and have an Angiogram. Those are always fun. I think the guy shaving my groin area was having a little too much fun. I digress, . . .

So coming out of the holidays . . . like Monday, I’m being electrocuted and needled for a neurological disorder that causes neurological disorders. For four hours, this “resident” gets his way with me, electronically. And there’s this ‘nearly dead’ 84 year old Neurologist” standing watch over “Bucky”. I don’t really know his name, but he was reading the complete procedure from a book. Shit, I only put in for 1.5 hours of sick time . . .    Yeah sick,  . . . like watching and feeling my arm instantly “high-5” this resident.

I now look here at what I have, . . . and am happy. For this smart sole understands the way to my desires, . . . is through Her desires. I’m off now for a couple days to take a short trip to Lemoore, CA. Thank God it’s short. “Ain’t nothin’ out there but dead sheep and vultures”. Hopefully I’ll discover somewhere to rage about . . . probably not. Then our trip takes us ‘just as flippin’ quickly to the coast again where I will hopefully meet up with some family. Doesn’t matter this weekend, cause ’em Chargers failed again. Deservedly so . . .

Have fun !   Quickly ! ! !

2014 is about to get serious!



3 thoughts on “What’s in my EYE? . . . passion . ,

  1. You sound like a crazy, mixed up 52 year old kid, I identify! LOL I realized upon seeing a CT of my brain there was nothing in there! They told me I had MS because they saw “white spots” on the scan… never mind I have had more than 15 “knots” removed from my scalp over the past years which are not anything except a genetic tic… so upon saying to the neurologist, “I have had cysts removed from my scalp, could that be scar tissue?” Oh yes, and of course that is what it was! Thank you very much for using your education on ME! Oh well, let’s make 2014 (which I am also still having trouble with) a good one! 🙂

    1. We’ll just say they are “spent” brain cells. No longer valuable. Thanks for stopping in.


      1. 😄☕️☕️☕️

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