“H E L L L L P . . . Justinnnn Bieberrrrrr !”.

I have spent an unusual amount of time in the emergency room lately . . . No, not me! Anyway, tonight probably takes the cake. And, since I now made reference to a food, I can now continue this story. There are many wacko’s here tonight.

barista1Let’s see, there’s the prophet who’s gonna save the world through his righteous powerful words and endless speeches. Then there’s the loud old trailer dude next to us that finally got a good meal . . . just can’t quit asking if anyone is outside of his curtain; “Anyone Out There?”, he yells . . . over and over again. Now he wants to urinate in his bed. Then he keeps asking if this (emergency room) is always like this. Seriously? Friday night in Tri-City ER? . . . Duh!

Then there’s the psycho chick in the ER wacko lock-down room screaming for Justin Bieber and “M o m m m e e e e e y”. Jeez, she won’t stop screaming for “H E L P . . . Justin Bieber”. This place can easily make me Schizophrenic. All the talking, yelling and screaming! SHUT THE F(<&K UP! This chick was beating the walls and screaming just like in the horror movies. She was good . . . , but made this entire ER friggin’ crazy.

Today I was reacquainted with Eric, my awesome Barista at the coffee booths here at the hospital. Yes, he remembered me easily and claims he has read my blog. So now I gotta give him a shout out. If you ever visit, swing by and say “hi”. Eric will throw down a heavily caffeinated Jacko, flavored with whatever the season brings.barista2

So here we are at the emergency room again and have begun to notice that the staff here at Tri-City ER is very friendly. Each doctor we have dealt with in this ER during our many visits over the last 3 months, has always given us his personal business card. Our last doctor even called us at home to check on the patient he discharged the day before. Wow, that’s some kind of customer service. My wife had even made comment about the staff appearing vey friendly. What, did this staff get some “friendly” training? Nah, I think she’s hot for doctor . . . everyone of the young, prematurely greying muffins. Sheesh, relax babe. . . I’ll buy you some Chicken McNuggets later.



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