Food and Beverage – Social Media . . . it’s up to me!!!

I think it’s probably about time we started taking a closer look at just how important “social media” really is to the FB&H industry. First of all, let me guide you into this. I will be looking at this from the consumer’s eye. Remember I have no industry experience, so to speak, so I will explain this from my eye.

bloggingAs a consumer, when I decide to target a restaurant or other establishment for the night I usually start out by looking them up on the internet. Whether I get the restaurant’s name from an add or a business card, or I begin with a general search word on Google. Say I want to eat Thai in Vancouver, BC. I type a couple of key words  into the search block and I’m off and running. Since starting this blog, I have attempted to track the traffic that comes into my website, and from where. I know there are more advanced tracking tools that can be purchased through the internet, but I only have basic services. Please remember, I’m just an average consumer with above average knowledge . . . so I have been told.

I then began to think about the possibilities of following successful bloggers as they navigate new and old social media trends; and the effectiveness’s of those trends on the FB&H industries and small businesses. Without really having an in-depth look or education in “social media” specific studies, I have taken to this idea while perusing my culinary degree. I have noticed that there is definitely a significant social media experience for the Food, Beverage and Hospitality (FB&H) industries . . . at least when viewing it from a retail consumer standpoint (e.g. , searching for “restaurants and bars” vice “restaurant service equipment repair”).

Let’s see, I have this blog attached to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. The latter is under my personal page, and I currently choose to have this blog as one of my current professions. I own the domain name (I don’t know . . . that’s just what they call it) I own that! When I type that on any computer, my website . . . this blog, should come up . . . and it does! Now, what I write and how I communicate with my public is up to me. But what is important? What are all of the tricks? Which social media interaction methods are most effective for the food and beverage industry? Yes we could add “hospitality”, but just ride along for now.

So as I’m writing this I’m thinking this should just be an idea spark for another TV show. That’s what I think this could be. I think about how many other folks have turned to blogging in the last 5 years . . . 10 years. How many have claims to writing about Food, Beverage, and Hospitality? I was just surprised to see that “Food” was still relatively small compared to “News”, “Music” and “Photography” for the amount of posts contained on this host’s server, How many successful bloggers are out there? . . . I mean, how many successful writers are out there that also have a blog? How many started off as a blogger? How many started off as an airplane, environmental, teaching and now . . . culinary professional. Not to say I’m really a professional; work with me, . . . I was caught up in the moment . . .

I guess I just wanted to stake claim to this TV show idea and let my audience know that I can continue to write, even after taking a moment for the end of 2013 to come to a close. I find that I am having a wonderful holiday this year and very much look forward to 2014. I hope I don’t lose any along the way.



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