What’s in YOUR lunchbox?


I think I’m going to have to agree with some of the folks I work with. They have over the course of time, since beginning this culinary school thing, commented repeatedly about some of the left overs, . . . ok, most of the leftovers, I bring for my lunches. I personally like observing what others bring in as well; constantly thinking to myself, “really, they eat like that?”

Often times I will see my workmates making frozen prepackaged stuff in the microwave. That just scares me; but I guess that’s a normal thing, even for my kids. I guess I just steer clear of GMO stuff as much as possible. Others I observe, will go out religiously and buy junk food or maybe a sandwich. Some bring salads and some bring leftovers as we’ll, but never as often as I. I bring leftovers almost exclusively. Looking at some of the leftovers I see in the lunchroom leave no question as to why some of my workmates eat lunch out so often. Some scary stuff being served in the American household!!!

I recently got a new iPhone (yes , I’m typing on it now) and had to try out the camera. I compiled some leftovers from the fridge in an attempt to make room for the first of the upcoming holiday meals (Thanksgiving). These leftovers came from the weekend meals that we had prepared for my birthday and our Sunday and Monday dinners. Wow, we eat like this? Yes, being a grad from culinary school probably grabs that spotlight occasionally.20131127-131901.jpg

So I put together a microwave safe container of leftover Rolled Spinach Lasagna, Spicy Turkey Italian Sausage n Pepper Penne, Grilled Roast Asado and Salt Baked Potato. I lay it all in the container and my kids look and see this masterpiece. So now I have to see what it looks like on camera. I’ m telling ya, the comments just kept coming in. “Wow, look at that”, my workmates would say as I opened it the next day.

Be that it may, I am proud I display my abilities. I also very frequently share my methods for cooking what the gawkers are looking at. Only rarely, and only certain persons get to try outside of the workplace potluck. I just like my food too much. And when I can have leftovers like this, who wouldn’t be eating them everyday.


See I told you it was a lunchbox.



15 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR lunchbox?

  1. Creative leftovers! A testament to multi tasking and time management.. I’ve seen people wait in line longer than it takes me to throw together a “cream of cooler” dish, looks fabulous!

    1. Yeah, I do my lunchtime power-walk fitness BS and the same people that were leaving to get lunch before I started my workout aren’t yet finished when I get back. Me I’m heated (microwave) and done with my badd ass meal before them, and they ate a pre-wrapped paper plate of carne asada tacos from the mo-cheen, (yum!)


      1. You are most welcome!

  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. another browser? . . . I thought Windows Explorer was all we needed. Ok, I’ll browse anyhow!


      1. thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Tasty looking left overs for lunch. A favourite in our house or it is just a big bowl of salad, but on bad days (being Irish) we fry rashers, sausages and everything in sight. We love our food and I like you blog site.

      1. a slice of bacon, (thin or thick) which is then grilled or fried.

      2. very well, I’ll have to look into that stuff.

        Thanks for reading.


    1. No time to play right now. But I appreciate the gesture. Maybe later when everything isn’t up on me.

      Happy Holidays


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