How to remove a Mexican liquor bottle “safe-pour” spout

Originally posted on Industry Insider Reviews:
Ok, so our last trip to Cancun presented this small challenge . . . but, over and over again. It even got worse when the liquor bottle was placed in the freezer. There’s a safe pour stopper mechanism in the bottle and they are not easy to get removed.…

banh mi – Don’t look at the meat!

Perhaps one of the latest culinary fibrillations of an abusive American language slathering copious amounts of whatever when interpretly pronouncing or simply ordering from a Vietnamese menu. Huh??? Banh Mi, pronounced as American “Bun – Mee”, and the other is Pho; again Americanized “Fuh-uh or Fuhh”. Not much difference there except for the other thousands of morons pronouncing it as Fa, Foo, Foa . . . or […]

~ culinary trends ~ Gangsta Mexican food ~ the “Hooter’s salute” ~

I don’t think I’ve eaten so much Mexican food in one week, until recently. Let’s see; I have had rolled tacos (Taquitos) with all of the fixin’s, carnitas, a pollo asado burrito (sautéed pepper style) and a totally unique Quesadilla Rio described as a quesadilla stuffed with a chili relleno, shredded beef and beans; topped with enchilada sauce and sour cream. […]