It’s My Birthday – Fine Navy Chow!

Ok, so I’m being asked today if I am going to the chow hall to celebrate the Navy’s birthday with the rest of my office. Navy Birthday1This is just one of those semi-traditional things the office does on the Marine Corps and Navy birthdays. Often, I blow them off because I’m not that motivated to eat what I ate for many years while serving. One office worker said the difference between the Navy and the Marine Corps’ birthday meals is just the color of the frosting on the cake. The Navy of course is blue and gold, while the Marine Corps colors are scarlet and gold. I actually grilled some young Marine that visited me in my office today about the proper colors of the Marine Corps. Poor kid, didn’t know that it was scarlet. God help him if his Gunny every gets a hold of him. “SCARLET…MARINE!” I can hear him yell right now. The young Marine thought it was just red! Hell, I’m a properly initiated Navy Chief; I probably had to look that up for some BS that some super crusty Master Chief wanted to exploit us with. Don’t get me started with that crap.Marine Corps Birthday

To get things started, my camera on the Android has been failing lately (needed a new battery), so all of these pictures are what I could find on the internet.

Todays meal was to be special. The work email even sends out the menu ahead of time. For like $7.68 (or something like that), you get a char-grilled rib-eye steak (about 8oz), a baked lobster tail, shrimp cocktail, corn (frozen . . . NASTY!), green beans (always better than the corn), rolls, potatoes, salad bar, deviled eggs . . . it just keeps going. And the best part of it, is the huge selection of deserts; cake, cheese cakes, pies, ice cream bar with toppings, coffee, cookies. . . again the list keeps going. Now I know why everyone attacks this place when they open it up. Now you also know why they only open it up a couple times during the year. Navy Birthday2They used to have the chow hall open to civilian employees all the time. I remember going for breakfast when I was still in the Navy and with my subsidence pay I would have a breakfast throw down for less than two bucks. Well, today the result was the steak was really quite good, medium rare and perfectly seasoned. I mean the chow hall even had giant pump dispensers of A1. I didn’t even need it. The lobster was . . . meh. everything else pretty much sucked except the roll and deserts.

Well, if your planning to enlist in the service; my father told me . . . “become a cook”, ’cause at least you’ll eat good. This is especially true if you are a cook in the Chief (CPO) mess. We ate pretty well.

navy birthday3

We (CPO’s) actually paid extra to eat while deployed. Plus we had a cadre of dedicated young men that made sure we, and they, ate well also. They take care of us . . . we take care of them.


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