Tasting with ‘Rrrrr’amone (roll the ‘r’). “Recognizing Awesomeness”

Ranch%20Events_Small_fullTalk about a guy on his game. Ramone, forever now known as ‘Rrrrr’amone (roll the ‘r’), was definitely on his game.

We were to sample foods for a buffet selection intended to cater a wedding about a year away. We had tried some other attempts at concocting ways to save money and energy for the providing families paying for this event. I was even given the opportunity to put the menus and food catering operation together as long as I was not involved for the wedding day . . . yes, I too am part of the wedding. Well, I failed miserably. ‘Rrrrr’amone seems to be bailing me out.Rrrrramone

Here’s this guy I quickly noticed, seemed to know what he was doing. He was really on the ball, wrote everything down, taking copious notes and providing detailed explanations about every detail . . . about his experience doing these wedding events. ‘Rrrrr’amone was definitely on his game. ‘Rrrrr’amone has been in the events industry for 17 years, starting following his Mom to work at the young age of 12. He started washing dishes, to bussing and serving, to now event management. This guy knew his stuff, He knew all of the things that make up a successful wedding event, like he’s done them hundreds of times or something. He explained everything to us and helped guide us in decision-making without ever asking us to sign, or trying to close a deal. WOW! This guy knew his shit! I think to this day from the first meeting, we have infinite  confidence in ‘Rrrrr’amone. Everything from the place setting selection and importance of the centerpiece with color coordination, to what kids eat . . . and don’t eat at a wedding. “Some people have just bought the kids pizza”, he says. “It’ll save you money” . . . “sit them away from the head table” . . .  and this is why. He was bad ass! He told me he had pretty much seen everything and done everything. He also made us feel incredibly comfortable that he was going to make our day the best day possible.

ranch tasting2We will be working closely with ‘Rrrrr’amone for the next year. We have several planning meetings that we will lay out the finest details. I really think ‘Rrrrr’amone has our backs on this one. He really made us feel good.

I’m going to give ‘Rrrrr”amone the coveted “Recognizing Awesomeness”; because even if the event gets trashed and he is to blame, he is still an awesome event planning sales person. I think he has sold us. Don’t let us down ‘Rrrrr’amone.



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