Curbside Cafe – Vista, CA

I really hate just writing reviews without some sort of story. I’m not a critic, I’m a Dick who usually tells a story that somehow leads to food or beverage. This may be perhaps be just the opposite of what I do.

curbside3I have many times seen the Curbside Café in passing usually around lunch time on Saturday or Sunday. The place has always had a good turnout along the curb in the rising popularity area of the down town Vista next to the Avo Theater. In that area there are numerous good places to eat . . . and then there are other’s that are just . . . well, places! Be carefull where you try as some are not nearly as good as others. The Curbside Café is one of the good ones.

We stopped in for some Sunday brunch (that would be breakfast . . . or lunch today. We weren’t quite sure which we desired); and, not knowing just what we wanted to eat, we asked the server for some suggestions. She suggested the Crab Cake  Benedict and any one of the Omelets. She indicated that the portions were large and that everything is good, fresh and satisfying. She also gave a couple of suggestions from the sandwich side of the menu; but with so many awesome distractions from the breakfast side of the card, it was hard to drift to the right side. Next time . . . and there will be a next time.

Well, she wasn’t kidding. All of the items received were consumed, and there was a lot of food. I was surprised we actually finished all of it.  Some notable items were the Crab Cake Benedict, with the crab cake having an extremely good flavor. I attempted to isolate the Hollandaise Sauce for sampling, and I think I was able to distinguish its flavor, but didn’t want to steal it all from my wife’s plate. She said it was good and I have to agree. It was an overall very good plate.

curbside5The Chef at this eatery has some experience spanning 30-something years and a vast culinary resume, so it’s quite apparent he knows his territory. On his website he claims, “I just wanted to take a few nice touches and put them into a simple café. and create a cozy, comfortable, friendly atmosphere.” Well, he’s done just that. The food is simple, the decor is simple and unintimidating. The curbside tables are plentiful and inviting. The staff friendly and on their game. What set’s this place apart is the differences from the norm. Things like coffee cake instead of toast (upon request), the pre-disolved sugar-water for iced tea, the corned beef hash chopped fine. There are different elements of many items here at the Curbside Café. We are going to be exploring much more in the future.curbside4

I ordered the Veggie Omelette with Country Potatoes (these rocked!) and the coffee cake instead of toast (that was a very good choice, super moist!). I also ordered a side of bacon and a side of corned beef hash (I was warned about the hash). Other than the bacon being overcooked for my personal preference, the hash was very lean, but chopped quite fine and had small-diced carrots and potatoes in it. The finish on the hash was unusual, but it was very tasty. I can see that it would be perfect with a couple of sunny-side up eggs. The country potatoes had plenty of nicely sliced caramelized onions mixed in with the slightly crunchy potatoes. The onions made it perfect for combining with other items on the plate.

I was just about finished with everything and I began to run out of water. Then, not a moment too late, the server shows up to top off my glass and asks if I want a small box for the coffee cake. I told her, “not yet”, since I was waiting for more water in case it was dry. The coffee cake looked somewhat dry and my wife even said the same thing. We were very surprised that it was super moist and had great flavor. It was a nice finish to the wonderful meal. I just wish I had more room to try other menu items like the Monte Cristo sandwich.

The Curbside Café gets a tray full of cinnamon buns. If I remember, they were on the menu and I can bet they rock!

stickey bun

Definitely going back to this place!



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