Need directions?… Ask Tim Tebow!

Originally posted on Industry Insider Reviews:
So you’re hosting a gala celebration, a large party with many anticipated guests, sending invitations to everyone you know, some you don’t; yet others, perhaps business associates that may just be interested in attending to show respect… The invitations include a brief geographical map, the address and contact information. Who would have…

Barbarella – Not the movie, but some bad behavior none the less.

Visited kind-of a San Diego landmark and sat with quite the notable icon. Barbara Beltaire, founder of Barbarella in La Jolla invited me into her office to show me her website. She read my CritDicks business card and questioned where I got my humor, whether from my Mother, or Father.  She seemed to immediately connect […]

I got another Woody today . . . and my wife was not impressed.

Truthfully, I think my wife would be happy I got a Woody at all. Today was supposed to be a working lunch and I recommended we go to Woody’s in San Diego on Miramar Road, just outside of the west gate at MCAS Miramar. The location is convenient and I’ve had their burgers before. The trip […]

Tasting with ‘Rrrrr’amone (roll the ‘r’). “Recognizing Awesomeness”

Talk about a guy on his game. Ramone, forever now known as ‘Rrrrr’amone (roll the ‘r’), was definitely on his game. We were to sample foods for a buffet selection intended to cater a wedding about a year away. We had tried some other attempts at concocting ways to save money and energy for the providing families […]

Waldo’s BBQ – Being “serviced” along the Colorado River.

Finally landing at Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport, Arizona and needing to get up the river to meet up with some family for the second leg of our weekend getaway, we found ourselves immersed in services and accommodations normally reserved for the rich and famous. Well maybe not all that rich and famous crap, but we kinda felt […]