Hey Meester . . . , Don’t forget your Cannoli ! ! !

So I have to drop them a line because I now have a story.Mangia

Looking at the menu selection, I was eyeballing a New York Steak Sandwich being offered. Just as I was about to make up my mind, she took the sign down, indicating the sandwich was no longer available on the Mangia Mangia Mobile Italian Gourmet food truck today. I yelled, “I was just about to order that”. She yelled something back that idicated I probably needed to try something else. It may have been her telling me to order the middle finger sang-wich. So I looked at the menu a bit more. I then turned my back to the truck and went to look at the other truck.

I kinda became disinterested in the other food truck by Corvette Diner because they just didn’t seem to interest me. Nothing special stood out. Just when I was about to again turn back to Mangia, I just happened to notice that Corvette’s is a creation of Chef Deborah Scott of the Cohn Group. Heck, I like her, and I pretty much have liked everything from the Cohn Group. Whatever, I turned away anyhow.

As I again approached the Mangia Mangia truck I happened to notice french fries being flipped by hand in a bowl in the kitchen. I asked what kind of fries those were today. The response suprised me, “these are pesto fries”. SOLD!!! Just so happens I like pesto and I like fries. I had seen the Mangia Mangia truck many times here on base before, but since I’m Italian, I am very particular about any Italian food places I may try. I had known about Mangia’s Meatball Lolipops from a previous brief conversation I had with the owner at an earlier date, so now I had two reasons to try this truck. Fries and the meatballs.  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity this time. mangia1So I ordered the Pesto Fries and the Steak Sandwich. “Uh, you’re kidding right”, the gals asks me. “Oh, sorry”, I say. “I’ll have the Steak Sandwich and the fries”, I again retort. I think at that time she was thinking middle finger again, but instead I got the “stink eye” . . . “fine, I’ll have the Meatball Lolipop and the steak sandwich . . . I mean the fries”, . . . I quickly clarified.  I seriously thought she was going to quickly squeeze her way through the ordering hole and choke me. Fun, and yes my story is a bit . . . , just a bit, fabricated. She was nice and so was the fry flipper. We were all enjoying ourselves at the government’s expense.

Now, being just a bit curious about how good these food trucks are, I just had to ask the question, “is there anything I just gotta try?” The young lady taking my order suggests, “you may want to try one of our cannoli”. Wow, now you’ve got my interest. I look at them through the refrigerator glass display casing. “Yeah, I’ll also have the cannoli”, I holler. I figure I would give them a try also along with the meatballs and the fries. Takin’ it all in. Way too much food for me, but I had to give ‘er the ol’ college try. So I tell her, “make sure you remind me to grab the cannoli from the fridge when I leave, if I forget.”

Hey, is this Marine giving it back?
Hey, is this Marine giving it back?

So my food is served and I have become enamored at the size of the portions and make it almost back to my car and some Marine comes running after me . . . “Hey Meester, that food truck is yelling at you”. I immediately realize that I had forgotten my cannoli; but the memorable staff on the spaghetti wagon remembered to remind me about my memory lapse (or . . . something like that).

So, I ended up sharing all of my food with my boss. The fries alone were a huge portion for the price. The cannoli were quite good, (most are) . . . but not great.

Give Mangia a try and say hello to the staff running that truck. They work hard for the Marines. They should; because the Marines work hard for them.

mangi3I’m gonna give them a fork full of twisted spaghetti. And when you visit their truck, you’ll understand why. (hint . . . look below the ordering counter and just above the iced drinks).



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