Motivated Chefs and Artisans needed

Still looking for motivated Chefs to help create events at no cost to you. We will give you the money to buy the product. All we ask is that YOU, “Chef” create and represent yourself of your accomplishments. There are continuing opportunities and we want to feature your abilities.

If you have a commissary kitchen and are wiling to strut your stuff, let me know. Events as early as next week, then again early in October. We’re also looking for wine and beer pairing/showcasing opportunities.

Let me know if you are interested and we will work our tails off to make things happen.

Hey Meester . . . , Don’t forget your Cannoli ! ! !

So I have to drop them a line because I now have a story.Mangia

Looking at the menu selection, I was eyeballing a New York Steak Sandwich being offered. Just as I was about to make up my mind, she took the sign down, indicating the sandwich was no longer available on the Mangia Mangia Mobile Italian Gourmet food truck today. I yelled, “I was just about to order that”. She yelled something back that idicated I probably needed to try something else. It may have been her telling me to order the middle finger sang-wich. So I looked at the menu a bit more. I then turned my back to the truck and went to look at the other truck.

I kinda became disinterested in the other food truck by Corvette Diner because they just didn’t seem to interest me. Nothing special stood out. Just when I was about to again turn back to Mangia, I just happened to notice that Corvette’s is a creation of Chef Deborah Scott of the Cohn Group. Heck, I like her, and I pretty much have liked everything from the Cohn Group. Whatever, I turned away anyhow.

As I again approached the Mangia Mangia truck I happened to notice french fries being flipped by hand in a bowl in the kitchen. I asked what kind of fries those were today. The response suprised me, “these are pesto fries”. SOLD!!! Just so happens I like pesto and I like fries. I had seen the Mangia Mangia truck many times here on base before, but since I’m Italian, I am very particular about any Italian food places I may try. I had known about Mangia’s Meatball Lolipops from a previous brief conversation I had with the owner at an earlier date, so now I had two reasons to try this truck. Fries and the meatballs.  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity this time. mangia1So I ordered the Pesto Fries and the Steak Sandwich. “Uh, you’re kidding right”, the gals asks me. “Oh, sorry”, I say. “I’ll have the Steak Sandwich and the fries”, I again retort. I think at that time she was thinking middle finger again, but instead I got the “stink eye” . . . “fine, I’ll have the Meatball Lolipop and the steak sandwich . . . I mean the fries”, . . . I quickly clarified.  I seriously thought she was going to quickly squeeze her way through the ordering hole and choke me. Fun, and yes my story is a bit . . . , just a bit, fabricated. She was nice and so was the fry flipper. We were all enjoying ourselves at the government’s expense.

Now, being just a bit curious about how good these food trucks are, I just had to ask the question, “is there anything I just gotta try?” The young lady taking my order suggests, “you may want to try one of our cannoli”. Wow, now you’ve got my interest. I look at them through the refrigerator glass display casing. “Yeah, I’ll also have the cannoli”, I holler. I figure I would give them a try also along with the meatballs and the fries. Takin’ it all in. Way too much food for me, but I had to give ‘er the ol’ college try. So I tell her, “make sure you remind me to grab the cannoli from the fridge when I leave, if I forget.”

Hey, is this Marine giving it back?
Hey, is this Marine giving it back?

So my food is served and I have become enamored at the size of the portions and make it almost back to my car and some Marine comes running after me . . . “Hey Meester, that food truck is yelling at you”. I immediately realize that I had forgotten my cannoli; but the memorable staff on the spaghetti wagon remembered to remind me about my memory lapse (or . . . something like that).

So, I ended up sharing all of my food with my boss. The fries alone were a huge portion for the price. The cannoli were quite good, (most are) . . . but not great.

Give Mangia a try and say hello to the staff running that truck. They work hard for the Marines. They should; because the Marines work hard for them.

mangi3I’m gonna give them a fork full of twisted spaghetti. And when you visit their truck, you’ll understand why. (hint . . . look below the ordering counter and just above the iced drinks).


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