Kids, don’t try this at home – Champagne with a knife/sword.

This was a school challenge from some of the other culinary students. I had a couple inexpensive bottles of sparkling wine that needed testing. Got it on the second attempt. Actually quite easy. Check out the video here

Champagne with knife or sword

Have fun and be safe!!!


Grilled heart – Holy crap that was good!

greengoTried another new food truck today on the base. GreenGo, was a grilled cheese concoction and a definitive diversion from any standard grilled cheese sandwich. I picked my melt-down from the “special” board today. I had something called a Frenchy. I remember somethings about the sandwich. One, it was very cheesy. Two it had hamburger, bacon, cheese, more cheese and arugula or spinach ( couldn’t readily tell because it all welded together from the melted cheese by the time I got back to my office). I think it was a twist on their “Carnivore”. Whatever it was, it was un-flippin’-believable. Problem, I think I suffered immediate coronary blockage to my brain, cause I wanted to pass out from eating that thing. No doubt . . . not only was it large, it was really good; but it was super messy and very bad for me.greengo sandwich

Also on their menu board today were their Duck-Fat fries, fritos or whatever. I guess I’ll never know “whatever”, cause they were not serving them today. Bummer! Perhaps they should take them off of the special board. The sandwich definitely needed some crispy chips or something, but even though I did not need them because of the huge sandwich portion size, the crunchy salt factor would have been nice. Next time, I’ll grab a bag of chips.

mcdonaldsToday started off right. I get to work and someone is flying to “Mickey D’s”. I had a serious hunger goin’ on this morning and was in need of something. While hoping someone was going to bring in some doughnuts, bagels or something (yeah . . . like fruit, that’s what I want. NOT!).

Instead, someone was not only flying to McDonalds, they were buying. Hell yeah, I needed the hash browns . . . ok, and the Sausage McMuffin. Hell, get the whole meal . . . I can also go for the orange juice!

So today’s food consumption gets the very special and coveted “Four Blood Pressure Cuffs”. Cause just like the paper bag thing you got goin’ with your girl, . . . you need more than one in case the other falls off!


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