PUBlic House – A modern slew on historical Temecula, CA

Having grown up since the age of 15, then married in Temecula over 30 years ago, occasionally we venture into the madhouse town that is now home for some 103,000 residents (2012, about double from year 2000 and about 10,000 residents back in early 1980). Yes, Temecula is now a madhouse to visit and drive in since we left, back when they got their first traffic signal (somewhere around 1982). Yes that’s the one in the picture.

It was fun looking up some of the history of Temecula here: . There’s only one North/South bound freeway and two east/west thorough-fares so traffic gets backed up quite often regardless of where you are at in the town or one of it’s neighboring towns (e.g. Menifee, Murrieta, Wildomar).

How many of you knew this? I used to work as the first crew at the 76 station on that corner.
How many of you knew this? I used to work as the first crew at the 76 station on that corner.

Well if I remember the history of Temecula just a bit, I remember it being the oldest living stage-coach town in California. Whatever that means . . . All I do know is that driving through with a stagecoach now takes a little while. There’s still no traffic relief in this town and often times it sucks to navigate anywhere. So if you have kids in that stagecoach of yours (mini-van or SUV) tell them to sit down and shut up, and give them a Snickers Bar, “cause they are not going anywhere for a while”!

If you do get a chance to try your skills at finding some solace through the wineries and the massive quantities of houses that have been built over the years; make your way back into the old town (down town) of Temecula and wander the streets. There are so many historic buildings and houses to look at and read about from the various historical landmark placards. At least one of those historic houses has now been transformed into PUBlic House, a gastro-style pub and eatery that boasts numerous local and craft-industry taps, and many local area wines from California’s second largest wine-producing region. PUBlic House also is home to some weekend nights musical artists out on the large patio dining area.

public houseWe were initially seated inside per the request of my wife. What we realized is PUBlic house has a very efficient air-conditioning (like so cold . . ., my 89-year-old Mother had snot freezing from her nostrils) system to help keep the inside refrigerator cold. Finally getting out of the freezer section and allowed to sit outside at the only low chairs available (everything else in the 100 or so available seats was high director-type seating), we were able to defrost a bit in the water-misted patio concrete benches, seats, tables, fire pits and flooring and various arrangements of seating throughout the back.

Once we finally got settled in a reasonably comfortable location on the back patio, got some waters and ordered our first round of beer and some immediate appetizers of muscles and grilled romain, we were able to finally relax. The facility had very adequate ADA loading ramps that served efficiently for my mother’s rolling walker as we relocated . . . albeite a little slow, but we got there. So, after our first greeting by our server from inside, yes, we disappeared on her; so it’s no wonder we seemed to miss her. It was a while before someone realized we were in their section . . . or was it now hers? Finally she found us and took our first drink order and got the apps started. She was very efficient at checking on us but, yet missed that we had no servicewear at our table before the apps showed up. Once we were ready to order, she kinda looked at us like, “well, what do you want . . . “? I kinda looked at her and said . . . , “can   you   tell   us   what   the   specials   are?” “Oh sure”, she said . . . It’s like she had to be promted to give complete service. Something was off about her service, and I just couldn’t figure it out . . . just something was missing.

Not too far after our apps were consumed or inhaled, our service was rescued by some really awesome food that came out very hot and super delicious. We had the pork sandwich “Pork R.I. Peach”, the chicken “Orange Fowl Play”, some salmon (special) and a side filet (super awesome fillet). Everything was extremely flavorful and expertly presented and plated. This was the first restaurant I had eaten at the served an “airline breast”. The airline breast is a classic cut of chicken the comprises a boneless breast (skin attached) and the frenched winglet still attached. All of the portions were large, but not overkill. We were very satisfied and full when we left. All of the plates were very good, but I think the best for that day was the pork sandwich. I think it’s because the flavors took us all by surprise. This chef definitely knows what he’s doing; with the airline breast, rich and flavorful sauces, careful plating . . . I think someone has been to school! My mother and father really thought it to be a very special meal. They were impressed and it made me look like a big shot! LOL

The day concluded with a trip literally around the wine country of Temecula Valley, We went to see my folks old home (now slightly transformed) and the countless wineries that had sprouted up over the years. We also noticed that there wasn’t that much traffic as often times found from a Sunday afternoon drive in the area. We think it was because of the first day of football season. Either way, the drive was nice and my folks seemed to enjoy seeing things from the past . . . those that they recognized.

airline breast

Todays visit to the PUBlic House gets a whole bunch of aircraft that still have their breasts (wings). They were spot-on with the food. I will definitely  be going back. Oh, and by the way, the prices were not bad. I think we paid $120 total with tip, two apps and two beers. Give ’em a try! Heck, try ’em tonight when they have a band! Rock on!


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