“He’s got a rubber bootie” . . . and a moist towelette!

I was taken by surprise when eating at a new restaurant in Oceanside, CA. I had sticky finger (that just sounds wrong) after eating a wonderful Salmon Salad and needed the ol’ moist towel for a bit of clean up before we flew out to Concord. Anticipating that Fresh Grill Bistro would have the little prepackaged […]

Man-Bro Airborne Road Trip – The Fresh Grill Bistro, Oceanside, CA

How many pilots are out there? Probably a lot more pilots out there than we think. Many folks I have talked with over the years seems to know of a pilot or someone who has a pilot’s license. My brother is just such a pilot. He has been flying small light (that’s kinda what they’re […]

Michelle Malone, another “House Concert”. AWESOME ! ! !

Originally posted on Industry Insider Reviews:
If I can just say one word, “Wow!” These house concerts promoted and put on my Two Worlds Connect http://www.twoworldsconnect.com/  and Cattle Call L.L.C. Events are just amazing. What a privilege it is to sit amongst 25 guests rioting (yeah, 25 folks rioting . . . LOL) and raging (yes,…

Kids, don’t try this at home – Champagne with a knife/sword.

This was a school challenge from some of the other culinary students. I had a couple inexpensive bottles of sparkling wine that needed testing. Got it on the second attempt. Actually quite easy. Check out the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfKKBFA0soM&feature=youtu.be Have fun and be safe!!! Foodie

Grilled heart – Holy crap that was good!

Tried another new food truck today on the base. GreenGo, was a grilled cheese concoction and a definitive diversion from any standard grilled cheese sandwich. I picked my melt-down from the “special” board today. I had something called a Frenchy. I remember somethings about the sandwich. One, it was very cheesy. Two it had hamburger, bacon, cheese, more […]

PUBlic House – A modern slew on historical Temecula, CA

Having grown up since the age of 15, then married in Temecula over 30 years ago, occasionally we venture into the madhouse town that is now home for some 103,000 residents (2012, about double from year 2000 and about 10,000 residents back in early 1980). Yes, Temecula is now a madhouse to visit and drive in […]