Michelle Malone, another “House Concert”. AWESOME ! ! !

malone4If I can just say one word, “Wow!” These house concerts promoted and put on my Two Worlds Connect http://www.twoworldsconnect.com/  and Cattle Call L.L.C. Events are just amazing.

What a privilege it is to sit amongst 25 guests rioting (yeah, 25 folks rioting . . . LOL) and raging (yes, we were definitely raging) for this great national recording artist, Michele Malone; with her characteristic slide guitar licks reminiscent of Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks Band and Tedeschi Trucks Band). two worldsShe was definitely throwin’ down. Tonight, Michelle was partnered up with her good friend Trish Land on her percussional-istically (word?) exhausting beats of the tambourine and other hand instruments; and vocals supporting Michelle’s renditions of her older and newer recordings. This duo tore up the sounds as they intermixed songs with ridiculous and sometimes awkward humor. We were entertained for hours. malone1

Michelle comes to us from Atlanta, GA. I had a few small-talking moments with her by the pond and along the event lawns at the beautiful Two Worlds venue in Valley Center, CA. She and I talked about the music scene briefly and the photographic opportunities on that wonderful property, just before she had to get ready for her performance. Wow, just she and I. YES!

Once inside the private secluded venue, adorned with furnishings dating it into past decades, all of the guests were enjoying carefully prepared (Catering By Gina of Valley Center, CA)  platters of Stuffed Mushrooms, Fresh Garden Tomatoes (awesome), Figs, Nuts and other accoutrements enabling us to enjoy the provided wines and Stone Brewery beers the event provided. This was just the perfect ambiance for a chance to talk with the locals and artists just before the big show. Well, it wasn’t a big show; but what it was . . . , was an absolutely engaging performance of two collaborative artists really connecting in their moments of musical embellishments. Wow . . . I felt myself transformed into Michelle’s world as she enlightened us into the enigma of her music, beliefs, culture and deepest moments of life. Her lyrics, mixed with her seemingly effortless ability to scribe the neck of that guitar as if were fretless; and her awesome crescendo’d licks placing her amongst some of the most eclectic guitarists in modern history. I’m telling you; if you weren’t there, you missed quite a performance. trish

Well, I know one thing is for sure . . . I’m going back to these events. To be able to see great artists, walk with them, exchange words and connect with them personally is one of the greatest feelings available. The feeling of the moment was inspiring, careless, free-spirited and jubilant . . . a must do! See these concerts by going to Two Worlds Connect and Cattle Call L.L.C. Events. http://cattlecallevents.com/about-us.html cattle call


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