Who Yelps? A TripAdvisor.

Why anyone can be a critic . . . and most have no idea! See http://www.tripadvisor.com/PressCenter-i6185-c1-Press_Releases.html. Having read this article and some of the rage it has caused allowed me to look back at what I do . . . and what others do.

cropped-critdicks.jpgA couple of years ago I began with maybe one or two rants that I posted on Yelp. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do if I had a compliment or criticism about a restaurant, food service establishment or even any service establishment or product. Well, by the looks of things, that’s exactly what’s going on here. TripAdvisor’s statistical data gathered is all about numbers. Obviously the numbers in this article about the nation’s best pizza, are from San Diegans rating the pizza in this town better (based on numbers), than cities that actually created the American pizza. I mean really, how many of you have ever heard of “San Diego style” pizza? NONE!

Chicago Style and New York Style are two names that are literally everywhere in San Diego, but how many places back east boast “San Diego style” on the side of the building or on the marquee? NONE! Perhaps there’s a place for the San Diego pizza I don’t yet know about. . . you know the one that has avocado, quinoa and tofu. Is San Diego qualified to make such claim to the best pizza; or is it just because more people feel as though their ability to post tirades on Yelp and Trip Advisor are worthy of rating such pizzas at the top of the food chain? Would they even understand what a 4, or a 5 is compared to a 2 or a 3 on the rating scale. Look at Yelp or TripAdvisor. See how many perfect scores there are. My best guess is that more times than not, the people rating these establishments so highly and in such quantity, are the same persons that wouldn’t realize their own finger just pushed through their toilet paper.urbn

San Diego has some good Pizza places, none of which made the top slots on the list that TripAdvisor writes, but places like La Jolla’s Regent’s Pizza, Vista’s Urbn, or even Oceanside’s Pizza Port. These are among some of the best pizzas in the area, yet TripAdvisor fails to make mention of their contribution to the ratings. I’m sure there are plenty other good pizza places . . . my family enjoys switching between several. It’s a sheer numbers game. TripAdvisor offers this statement about the information provided by their reviewers, “TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers”. “Trusted” advice . . . just what the hell is that supposed to mean? Who is trusted? What advice is trusted? Who is trusting what? . . . I don’t think I trust that statement . . .!

Pizza is very personal. Everyone likes certain things on their pizza and a certain type of crust, but how many residents of San Diego have ever had pizza from The Windy City or the Bronx? I have never, but anticipate the awesomeness should I get the chance. I mean that’s where American pizza was born . . . born from ancestry of the motherland. My son just returned from Italy where pizza is considered, by many, to be its birthplace. But what is pizza? Pizza is a peasant food designed to fill the belly of the poverty families in third-world countries. It’s a slab of dough with whatever the market or the field happen to yield that day. San Diego doesn’t yield Tofu, quinoa . . . ok, yes . . . we do yield shitloads of avocados, . . . but is that what makes a killer pizza? This whole thing has me disturbed. It’s like saying San Diego has better Philly Cheese Steak than Philly, or a better meatball sandwich than Eastside in Los Angeles or just about any Italian eatery east of the Mississippi. Really?

What really has me disturbed is that everyone reads Yelp and Trip Advisor so carefully, and takes it all for gospel. Yes, I look at the ratings and I look at the scores, then I Iook at other information and conclude my own interpretation of data that is available to me. I know that any goofball jackwagon can write on those sites and obviously they do . . . and in large numbers; large enough to sway the best pizza vote to a city made up of looser professional sports teams, “some tasty waves and a cool buzz” . . .  “You dick”! (Spicoli)spicoli Hey, maybe I just figured this out. San Diego religiously has poor attendance for its professional sport teams, because everyone has their hometown team from back east to root for (e.g. “Da  Bears!”). The same fans living here now, rate the pizza in San Diego as being better than the east . . . , because they are from back east. Hell, . . . maybe they do know a thing or two about the pie!


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