Need HELP with this recipe – Pirate’s (Caribbean) Taco

Attention all you foodies, chefs, cooks, home cooks, caterers and wannabes.

Captain Jack SparrowTonight I made what I’m calling “Pirates (Caribbean) Taco”. It was made with leftover Jerk Chicken, Red Beans and Rice, Chinese Cabbage, Cilantro, Indian (style) Fry Bread, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Belizean Habanero Salsa and a squeeze of Lime. It was good, but not perfect. It was missing something. My family and I think it was missing something sweet. I was able to obtain more sweetness from adding more salsa which is made with carrots (see previous posting), but it just got hotter. The Jerk seasoning on the chicken has a bit of a kick already, then add the mild boost of heat with the Belizean salsa, and it was perfect already . . . just missing something, perhaps the sweet element that is also characteristic with Caribbean cuisine.Pirate's Taco

I thought of adding fresh shredded carrots along with the shredded cabbage, but I think it will be too noticeably carrot. Looking for suggestions on this one.

Yeah I know, my plating kinda sucked! Splattered salsa! Whatever!!!


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