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chefstepsRecently, we toured the Puget Sound and finally ended up at one of our planned destinations; Pike Place, a popular public marketplace known for the fresh seafood marketer’s throwing full-sized whole salmon over the counter for wrapping and shipping.  There are several levels to the marketplace; and as we made our way below the main street level promenade, we stumbled upon an open kitchen set of large windows with the word “delve”, engraved on the glass facing the kitchen. Wondering what that was all about, we further ventured around the corner and into the hallway to witness two, what appeared to be, editors or writers amongst several professional stage cameras and various lighting equipment. The workers appeared to be editing computer video segments of the kitchen studio that was on the other side of the wall. With only a limited amount of time, I quickly grabbed their business card and continued my walk through the lower level while putting the Android to use and searching for their website. Intrigued at what information I now acquired, I waited until I got home to investigate further.pike place

ChefSteps creates and produces cooking, culinary and informational video’s to the industry. I have viewed several of their videos and have found them to be very well produced, very informational and “spot on” the latest trends with food. They seem to have a very capable and professional kitchen staff that breaks down elements of the “how to”. Their website affords this explanation, “Yes, ChefSteps is entirely free-to-learn. Our goal is to collaborate with the global community of curious cooks to create original recipes, invent new techniques, and help us all become better cooks”. “ChefSteps is the place to turn to learn the why behind the how. Our recipes and techniques are supported by explanations of the underlying science of cooking. Our goal is to inform your intuition for how cooking really works, so that you become a more confident, resourceful, and creative cook”.

Although their website affords a wealth of information and really cool videos (they must have fun creating them), I have found my curiosity becomes satiated best through liking them and following their Facebook posts. This is where they post fresh information and share links to stories and videos that have always been very educational, interesting and informative. Whether it be “how to’s” on use the of Sous Vide, spherification, how a blender works or how to sharpen a knife; ChefSteps is an informational tool that all of you foodies, students, Chef’s, Chef instructors, home cooks and wanna-be’s can utilize.

I highly recommend following them on Facebook and visiting their website. Sign up and get all of your questions and curiosities satisfied. Best of all . . . it’s FREE!!!

I think now I know why the word “delve” is on the glass!delve


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