Cold Spring Tavern – Hwy 154 – Lake Cachuma

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Let’s talk for a moment about history and finding a moment of solace… OK, done! Now let’s talk about Cold Spring Tavern. A very quaint hideout in the hills above Lake Cachuma along the 154 in Santa Barbara. We originally found this place when reading a Rachel Ray $40-dollars-a-day review. We have since been back a couple of times for… Continue reading Cold Spring Tavern – Hwy 154 – Lake Cachuma

Michelle Malone, another “House Concert”. AWESOME ! ! !

If I can just say one word, “Wow!” These house concerts promoted and put on my Two Worlds Connect  and Cattle Call L.L.C. Events are just amazing. What a privilege it is to sit amongst 25 guests rioting (yeah, 25 folks rioting . . . LOL) and raging (yes, we were definitely raging) for this great national recording artist, Michele Malone; with her characteristic slide guitar licks … Continue reading Michelle Malone, another “House Concert”. AWESOME ! ! !

Wine – Health Benefits? Well . . . , the mice are having a great time!

Does not a day go by that we don’t hear something about the positive or negative effects of wine or alcohol? I began to research the health effects of wine, weather it be red or white. What I found was an abundance of information that almost anyone looking to find “their” answer would be successful. As I began this study, I became increasingly interested in the … Continue reading Wine – Health Benefits? Well . . . , the mice are having a great time!

Need HELP with this recipe – Pirate’s (Caribbean) Taco

Attention all you foodies, chefs, cooks, home cooks, caterers and wannabes. Tonight I made what I’m calling “Pirates (Caribbean) Taco”. It was made with leftover Jerk Chicken, Red Beans and Rice, Chinese Cabbage, Cilantro, Indian (style) Fry Bread, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Belizean Habanero Salsa and a squeeze of Lime. It was good, but not perfect. It was missing something. My family and I think it was … Continue reading Need HELP with this recipe – Pirate’s (Caribbean) Taco

Near miss !

A near miss . . . is an incident! Having studied safety, risk management and contingency planning extensively, I find much merit in the readings of my school’s lesson this evening for “Legal Issues and Ethics in Hospitality Management” the class I’m currently taking on line.  I had scanned (I really don’t read much of anything . . . never had, never will) several of the publishing’s/readings … Continue reading Near miss !

ChefSteps – Learn something!

Recently, we toured the Puget Sound and finally ended up at one of our planned destinations; Pike Place, a popular public marketplace known for the fresh seafood marketer’s throwing full-sized whole salmon over the counter for wrapping and shipping.  There are several levels to the marketplace; and as we made our way below the main street level promenade, we stumbled upon an open kitchen set of large windows with the word … Continue reading ChefSteps – Learn something!