Mr. Eugene and Beth Wood – Wow, a Maiden the Shade!

Beth wood6Can I actually get away with that? Attending a local Cattle Call L.L.C. event in the hills above my house with the very personal and personable singer-songwriter Beth Wood, was really a remarkable opportunity. Beth Wood’s website says it best, “Beth Wood is a modern-day troubadour and believer in the power of song. Her exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and commanding stage presence have been winning over American audiences for sixteen years.  Beth’s music is soulful, organic, intelligent, barefoot, high-energy communication of joy. Picture a home-body with an ever-present wanderlust, an introvert with a passion for performing, a creative free-spirit with enough discipline to rework her dream year after year, calloused little hands and a big pile of curly hair…and you’ve got Beth Wood”.Beth wood5

Beth and Maiden the Shade (Ninkasi Brewing Company, Eugene, OR) provider (husband) were recently in town. She performed for a very small, intimate group in a quaint venue hidden on a picturesque property of lavish greenery that just seemed to call out the words, “put on a festival here!” Beth even asked for a chance to perform at such an event if ever planned. Well, now that ball falls on Jimmie (Cattle Call’s Trail Boss) to provide.

beth wood2Beth performed, this Sunday evening, songs she has written from the past and newer songs from her recent release. I was only able to see the first set, but what I did witness was exactly what her website cries, “a passionate, curly-haired, soulful, high-energy performer” that captivated each of us so honored to witness her musicianship that evening. A story-teller that enchanted and transformed each of us as she slowly turned the book’s pages.

beth wood1Accompanied by a local percussionist, Beth had each of us tapping our feet to her gripping performance. Fun. Enthusiastic. Powerful! She was good! I think all of us in that room wanted to really cheer, hoot and holler after a few of her songs. They were very well performed. I would like to see her play in front of a much larger audience. I can almost guarantee the crowd would let loose.

Here’s a sample of Beth’s performance similar to what she shared with us that evening.

Beth wood8The beer Beth’s husband brought in from Eugene went as quickly into my belly the next day, as it went into my fridge that performance evening. Oregon is one of the nations largest craft brewing regions, so I grabbed one of the Ninkasi’s summer IPAs before I left the show, interested in drinking something from that region not already available in our area. Not much of a craft beer snob, I give it an easy thumbs up. It comparatively measured up to the small finger munchies, wine and Stone Pale Ale being provided at the event. I was told to look for Ninkasi in San Diego area stores soon, as Beth’s husband (works for the brewery) said it is due to arrive within the next two months.

Beth wood4

A good beer, but a better performer . . . Beth Wood!



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