Lobster, what to do with the leftovers? (part 2)

For a couple weeks now I have been trying to come up with something creative to utilize the lobster shells that were leftover from the major lobster fest we had for Father’s day back in June 2013. 20130617_174625Back then, I feebly showed you how I made raviolis using up some of the left-over lobster, but I couldn’t just throw out the shells knowing that I have an opportunity to make a terrific stock to be used later for something special. ravioli2With the now frozen raviolis in mind, I have also been struggling at creating a sauce that would not over-power the lobster filling in the raviolis, but something that would enhance the delectable lobster and stimulate the taste buds.

Knowing that the lobster shells are only going to be properly utilized if they are the base of a stock; first I have to cut up and prepare a mirepoix (that’s 50% onion, 25% carrots and 25% celery). Now throwing everything in a pot and covering it with cold water, I now add the various herbs and spices necessary for the “aromatics”. Bring it now to a very low simmer for several hours and skimming the surface occasionally of the impurities (French . . . er, . . . uh, . . . I don’t remember). ravioli4The result was a very rich and flavorful lobster stock that I desperately tried in several applications for the sauce to be thrown on top of the succulent lobster ravioli. What I simply created was a lobster cream sauce.ravioli9

Finally topping the dish with parsley and Ricotta. What turned out was utterly amazing. I even had to taste it the second day (left-over) to make sure what I tasted was as good as it gets. I guess, not surprisingly, the left-over’s were better than the fresh.  It was amazing.

Sometimes, I think I might actually know what I’m doing . . . scary!



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