Bengal Lounge – Empress Hotel, Victoria, B.C. (Canada)

While in Victoria, we stayed in a very popular and touristy section right along the harbor next to the British Columbia Parliament building. Our hotel was called The Embassy Inn. A seemingly very old hotel and the only hotel I’ve ever stayed at, that I can remember, that had serious water pressure. You know, it seems […]

Butchart Gardens and The Clay Pigeon – Victoria, BC (Canada)

Traveling from Seattle, WA to Victoria, BC was lengthy and adventuresome. My wife and I had been to Vancouver several times but never made our way to Victoria. We started this leg of the trip by taking the Washington State Ferry (WSF) from Anacortes, WA. to Sydney, BC with a brief stop into Friday Harbor […]

Car – smashed. Burger – Smashed. Martini – smashed.

Ok, back in the game after completing one seriously grueling quarter in school. I once blogged on Facebook “Death – by homework”. It got several “likes”. And it never helps when life continues to roll boulders in your direction. Today can actually be looked upon as a good thing; I now have one less Department […]

The cleanest bathrooms south of LA.

Taps Fish House and Brewery, M15 Concert Bar & Grill, Marquee 15 – Review. Watched a show tonight. Eddie Money and some of his very special guests. My ubiquitous deranged state progressed rapidly into the evening as more things kept drawing me further from my final destination, realizing tonight was going to be a long one. My previous post I announced […]

Is it still a Woody . . . when you get the wood?

Woody’s Burgers, San Diego – Review. Bare with me . . . this is a doozey! When I sit back and think about the service and/or hospitality industry and the guests that patronize (also known as “patrons”) these establishments, I can’t help think about what a Dick I really am. Maybe it’s not that I ‘m such […]