The best popcorn – FOR-EV-ER!!!

I still laugh when I hear the kids from Sandlot say that “for-ev-er”. It’s almost classic ’cause when you say it once in conversation, seemingly every one picks up on it or recognizes the classic movie then the conversation begins about classic movies etc.forever

When we talk about classic movies, I have to take you back into time for a short tour of a great movie house. This movie house would be by all definition a classic “big house” movies theater, although probably never filling itself to capacity unless it perhaps has hosted some of the best USO-type performances or perhaps benefit shows for our Marines. bob hope 1And speaking of USO shows, this movie house pays special attention to one of the USO’s all time recognizable guest/ performers. The name of the theater is The Bob Hope Theater on board MCAS Miramar.

This theater has been recently used by talents such as Brad Paisley, Adam Lambert and Ryan Reynolds.bob hope 2 bob hope 3 bob hope 4 I have personally sat through many-o’-lecture sitting in this theater; yet I have never had the opportunity to be served from their concession area. I even learned that during certain performances, the theater will open up the secondary bob hope 5concession area for the sale of beer and other alcoholic treats. Today I got a behind-the-scenes look at the operation. Bob Hope Theater offers this note on it’s capable facility, “The Bob Hope Theater shows movies five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday, and matinees on Thursday and Sunday. The films are current and often are still showing at local, off-base theaters. They are presented on a giant 20′ by 40′ screen in 21-speaker Dolby Sound.” They are now even showing 3D shows to keep up with the times. The concessions are available during the shows and I was told . . . “one of the only theaters still serving REAL butter” on their popcorn. Why do they pay tribute to Bob Hope . . . duh! READ:

I had a fun visit behind the scenes. If you can get on base and check out a show, I suggest you do so. It may be the only time you’ll get a chance in this lifetime to have real butter on your popcorn.




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