Oh Mother, that guy looks like me!

Have you recently been to any one of those Teppanyaki style eateries similar to, and probably the most famous name, Benihana? Seems they may have lost their touch with the experience of what used to be a fun time for the family or just a night of food mixed with entertainment. I thought the whole idea was to have an entertaining show along with the meal. It’s supposed to be fun! Don’t they realize we (the patron) have seen the stupid onion volcano many times before. Come up with a new shtick. And find some entertainers that can get the crowd (table) excited!

A recent visit to Shogun in San Marcos, CA was no exception to the boring and ordinary. It’s not that I need to single this particular restaurant out, seems that the last several visits over the last several years (probably 6 visits over the last 10 years) to either of Shogun, Benihana or Hichizuki in Escondido has proven this point. I don’t know, maybe our table keeps getting the new guy just out of training, because I would always hear one of the other tables nearby applauding loudly or laughing loudly at some point during their show, but not our table . . . not our table for the last 6 trips in the last 10 years. I want to say that maybe it’s the non-Asian performer (usually a Mexican cook). Maybe it’s because we were not liquored up enough. Maybe the cook was not liquored up enough.

This recent trip to Shogun for Mother’s Day had the cook demonstrating the same boring show with the same boring performanceShogun. He was laughing at his own jokes; and I think, perhaps, he was just laughing at our sorry “gringo” asses. I especially like the table behind the cook in the picture also being Asian and going to this place to have a Mexican cook their Japanese meal for them. I wonder if they realize this guy is not Japanese. Think about it!


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