SiriusXM, Seriously? And yes, I’m on an experience kick right now.

siriusI have not been seeing all of my favorite channels on my SiriusXM Internet On-line radio lately. Seems they have changed things up yet once again. I waited a couple of days because their internet site says they are changing channel line-up and the changes will be complete 9 May. Well it’s now 10 May. Time to call someone. Of course my first call is received by some off-shore customer service rep, to no avail, they only understand one thing, “I’ll send a refresh signal”. Sheesh! “It’s not the radio/satellite signal you dumb-ass, it’s the internet service”, I repeatedly tell them. “Ok thanks”, I just hang up. Useless!!!Lilly-Tomlin

So then,  I go to an on-line chat with yet another off-shore stenographer or professional word processing agent. I barely get two words out and they just processed six sentences of text at me, all probably while sitting in their old draperies while sipping Yoda Tea from a ceramic straw somewhere in the Middle Under-World.

For crying-out-loud, can I get someone to just change all of my shit back the way it was? Part of my inspirations for this CritDicks venting outreach is having my mind jumbled by internet radio from the stations I’m used to listening to on SiriusXM.

Here’s an embellished  letter I wrote to SiriusXM Radio this morning:

angry-customer“I have been dissatisfied with the services provided by SiriusXM for the past couple of years. I have had XM, then Sirius, then SiriusXM. I know it can’t be easy when a merger happens and organizing the various accounts, but it all started with separate billing. That was a pain. Trying to communicate with two different companies with the same name.

Program changes have again made things difficult. Every time things change, my service changes and I have to get a new login. Now I have to change my password. This last week, I was disconnected from certain channels through my Internet option so I had to change that to my Sirius account. Then I got a new login again. Now I have to change my password again. Yeah I know I should be able to change it all again once I log in. Yeah, you tell that to my Android smartphone that won’t recognize my account changes until I uninstall and reinstall the application. Do you think I don’t have anything else to do but play with my SiriusXM accounts? Oh and don’t forget the new 8-character passwords that require a CAP, a lower-case, a special character and a number. Did you ever think of the placement on the smart keyboard v a QWERTY keyboard and then a ten-key. Try remembering and figuring out the login ID and passwords on the different devices every time you want to listen after they change the software push again. I need a stiff drink!

If this seems like I’m ranting and complaining, I am. This is a case of utter customer dissatisfaction. This customer’s experience is lousy. I’m not happy and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Don’t even get me started with the off-shore customer service representatives.dr-evil

What is SiriusXM going to commit to me and the other SiriusXM customers that will better ensure we have an excellent customer experience?

If you folks at SiriusXM need some guidance and training on how to manage and better the customer experience, let me know. That’s what I do.

Oh, please do me a favor and only write back if you have something that’s going to make me happy and better my customer experience . . . otherwise don’t bother. I will probably just go away someday and talk bad about your company and its monopoly on quality radio communication.”

Yeah I know, I’m not really a professional  customer experience manager, but I did just stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!



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