Did I really eat the best burger . . . cause I just got a “woody” !

Met up with a new burger joint in the San Diego (Miramar) area. Woody’s Burgers recently set up shop along Miramar Road in a previous location once inhabited by Boll Weevil and the more recent Bangin’ Burgers. My first and foremost question is, “What makes Woody’s think THEY can survive?” I don’t know the whole story with the […]

SiriusXM, Seriously? And yes, I’m on an experience kick right now.

I have not been seeing all of my favorite channels on my SiriusXM Internet On-line radio lately. Seems they have changed things up yet once again. I waited a couple of days because their internet site says they are changing channel line-up and the changes will be complete 9 May. Well it’s now 10 May. Time to […]

Merchandising Food and the Service Industry – yup another school project!

Visually Merchandising Food Service I guess one of the first things I should probably do is explain the criteria for visual merchandising, or the industry of visually merchandising. Wikipedia explains visual merchandising as “the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales”. Wiki continues to identify visual […]