Tosh.0, and a Friday night pizza

This one cost me double. I forgot this event happened, and I’m glad I perused my photos in my Galaxy S2 (yup that’s where most of my photos come from). I take a lot of photos to capture thoughts about potential stories. I’ll sometimes make notations about thoughts that run through my head, hopefully turning some of those thoughts into words that develop into stories. Often times, I look at the picture and say to myself, “what the f*^% was that all about?” Sometimes I have a thought about a situation; and in an attempt to reconcile a story from what situation just happened, I try to get my wife involved with the story to see if I can provoke thoughts about the event . . . perhaps if something is right or wrong or something was really delicious, when in fact, it sucked. Most of the time, she looks me square in the eye and says, “what the f*^% was that all about?”

Are you seeing some sort of trend here?

Well, a couple of Fridays ago I get home early and decide to make Friday-night-pizza at the house. Friday nights have long been a very sacred time for us. I have never . . . except once, ever taught a class on a Friday; and I have never . . . except once ever taken a class on a Friday. Now with only a couple of quarters and a few more classes for this degree, I’m hoping to make it through life keeping Fridays . . . pizza Fridays. Now, with barely anyone to feed in my house on those Fridays, I still like to keep Fridays a sacrilege pizza exclusive night. Make ’em, bake ’em, buy ’em or steal ’em; pizza is easy and convenient for Fridays . . . especially when there’s drinkin’ to do.Cocktails

Back to the story. I stick a frozen pizza (DiGiorno or Freschetta, rising crust type) in the oven; start off with a fresh cocktail, set the timer and forget it! . . .  Right? “Set it and Forget it”!  By the way, everyone loves pizza. I’ll make that claim . . .  Everyone! Everyone has a frozen pizza they prefer. I’ll again make that claim, because what money or time can’t buy . . . you can find it in the freezer! Again, I’ll make that claim. I happen to like the rising-crust style of pizza. I think most consistently DiGiorno or Freschetta offer the best regardless of what retailer you visit. Yes there are several on the market that are just as good . . . even better, but finding those other brands at the Dow Chemical retail supermarket chains is hard.

toshSo I stick it in the oven, grab my cocktail and peer over the couch to watch the big screen and Tosh.0 is on. If you haven’t watched this guy, you are seriously missing life . . . in action . . . at its best and funniest, CritDicks’ style of humor. Yes very demented. I check on the pizza, give it a quarter turn inside the 450 degree oven (yes I know it says 425 on the package, really? . . . I’m a frigin’ culinarian . . . I think I know what I’m doing!), and return to watching the Tosh.0 escapades. Tosh is funny, and not for the light at heart . . . or those under . . . like 35! He’s pretty harsh! I take another break from the TV and give ‘er another 1/4 turn in the oven. “Just 5 more minutes”, I say to myself. I shut off the time and forget it. Isn’t that what the commercial says? “Don’t set it, just forget it”? Well that’s what happened . . . for a long time. tosh.0Tosh.0 had us going. He had us immersed in his stupid humor and it cost me a second pizza. Good thing “everyone has a frozen pizza they prefer” (read above). We had just bought a couple for the kids . . . and Friday nights. Good thing I had a back-up, otherwise my son and wife are smart enough to know that I can probably figure out how to make a fresh dough and somehow shit a pepperoni. OUCH!

For this I give you the bad-wrap pizza

and several other masterful – hand tossed creations from the CritDicks’ ovens delivered fresh . . . in my kitchen.

Pizza1 Pizza2 Pizza3Pizza4

Shut up and call Domino’s you wuss!


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