A bad review can really destroy!

CritDicks GravatarWow, ran into this . . . and I know it’s gotta be true. In my professional, or CritDicks’ opinion . . . “this” is an honest post, and . . . a business stopper.

READ: “Great food, but the service has been compromised by the staff since their initial opening. It seemed to be staffed by family upon opening, but now it is staffed by people that seem more interested in eating free food, talking on their phones and texting. On our last visit, our family was treated like irritants rather than customers. Too bad since I had high hopes for a local restaurant after they opened. They will be closed soon with their current staff based on the location and freeway construction unless there are serious customer service improvements”.

WOW, that’s dangerous. These are the kind of posts on Yelp, (and I really, ReaLLy, REALLY hate Yelp) that any yahoo (Jack-Ass) can post. But “THIS” is important. As an owner , you can’t take every post and my “CrtiDick” review seriously . . . you really just have to move on. But “THIS” is serious . . . worth investigating. There-in lies the responsibility of the owners of such restaurants to read  the stuff (everything on the internet) . . . but take it all with a grain of salt. Yes, I feel you have to read most of it, but don’t take most of it seriously. There might be some underlying hints or clues as to things that might need changing. If I was to get a review about my staff paying more attention to their Facebook and email/texts, I would have to take this very seriously because “this” is our society today, that’s what they (“the kids”) do. They quickly sneak a post or text to a friend, in some kind of text “abbreviation” or “code”. It’s quick and convenient, to slip one by during the work shift. But the customers see it. This electronic media can draw the attention away from the customer experience that I’m learning about protecting each day I attend another class in this school. This crappy comment on Yelp would cause me to sit back and watch closely . . . and if it’s actually happening, then “WAM”, down comes the hammer!!!

Now, people ask me about the education I’m receiving, knowing also that I’m an educator . . . very dedicated to teaching a good class of students . . . making them (the students) WANT to be there! Learning, . . . or teaching to learners, is important to me. I really HATE the blank faces of bored students. Pisses me off! Teachers and professors look up to me with some kind of jacked-up, respectful-type of insight and reassurance that they (the other teachers/professors) are also doing a good job. I pride myself on my instructional ability, but I think I may be finally losing it! I don’t know that I still retain the “competitive edge” of a quality instructor/teacher. More of my students have started to show signs of “BLANK”. Yeah, . . . now I’m thinking that my thought about this (subject) is seriously a “lack of”, directed  by my inability to keep them (the students) engaged. I don’t think I ever made the “bad teacher list” on http://blog.ratemyprofessors.com/. I couldn’t find anything. Let me know if got something good!!! Hey, also let me know if I got something bad. Anyway, I have really been interested in social media for the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the mental prowess or fortitude to pursue anything that is even close to some of the kids nowadays on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. I try, but it’s really hard to keep up with the swift changes these websites pull seemingly every day.

What I do know is that social media is an extremely powerful tool in the restaurant and hospitality industry. They teach it at my school, but it’s so fresh, that there hasn’t been a dedicated curriculum developed yet for an entire class or course of instruction; plus trends in social media change so rapidly, there may be a new trend starting now. The masters of this essential restaurant marketing tool are the younger generation that often times has the opportunity to figure out the complicated task of posting everyday . . . about communicating with others (friends and on-line blogs) about what , or how those changes affect us users. They learn of new trends immediately and quickly start posting . . . or blogging so that they stay on top of things with their friends and socialites.

One thing I know is, as a restaurant owner, there are posts . . . there are good posts . . .  there are not so good posts . . . there are “CritDicks” posts . . . and there are downright bad posts, like the one in the opening paragraph. Yes, as a CritDick, I can  sometimes blast ’em! . . . But, now that I’m only five classes away from completing my degree . . . I think I can really BLAST ‘EM hard if I want. But I do need to be mindful of the bridges I burn!Johnny

To that, I give them all . . . my buddy . . . Mr. Cash ! ! !



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  1. Lol nevermind found it on yelp. Ouch tresino’s. did you review them on your blog before this review came out? Was there food worth the trouble?

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