A day in the life . . . , and the Jack Daniel’s Girls search engine!

It’s interesting that I can kind of map out how folks visit my website.

CritDicks GravatarSay, for example, today, I see there’s been 7 fresh hits . . . just today.

I see that there’s been 3 from the U.S. I see that the search term was for a specific restaurant.

I see that there’s been 1 hit for the article I wrote about that specific restaurant.

Then I look at the hits for my “About Me” and see there’s 1, and I realize that the person is looking at the restaurant review . . . reads it  . . . and say to them self, “who is this guy?” Probably more like, “who is this jackass . . . and . . .?” Then they read my story (bio) and realize I’m not actually homeless, then give another article or two a try on my website, then they realize I’m just a big hot bag of wind . . . then they move on!

Life sucks!

Oh, and I threw the Jack Daniel’s Girls in because they are the number one hit from search engines!


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