Pahoehoe – Pronounced “Pa ho – eee, ho – eee”.

plumeria_sorbet1We just came up with that today. Our culinary team didn’t like the “ho ho” sound so they looked it up . . . Wikipedia of course . . . Wikipedia, after all, IS the most trusted collegiate resource on line.

Working on class projects seems to bring out the best . . . especially when working in groups. I really hate groups . . . but this group is great. We’re working on this fancy restaurant idea positioned on the island of Oahu. You can begin reading our quest here:


Pahoehoe Island Restaurant L.L.C.

Company Description

Welcome to Pahoehoe Island Restaurant L.L.C. Pahoehoe is a Hawaiian name for a type of very smooth lava flow. Pahoehoe Island Restaurant L.L.C will be situated at the base of a sheer rock cliff on the Island of Oahu, just outside of the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. The Pahoehoe Island Restaurant L.L.C. (referred to now as Pahoehoe) idea is based on the rising popularity of product freshness, local availability and environmental sustainability.

Pahoehoe is a 100 seat full-service fine-dining establishment situated in one of Oahu’s newest resort hotels away from the crowded beaches of Honolulu; and will offer various fine-dining services such as an extensive wine list, locally grown produce and vegetables, and on-premises farm-raised fish from its 100,000 gallon salt water fish lagoon. Pahoehoe will not only be a fine dining establishment, but the Islands only fine-dining Luau featuring typical Luau entertainment nightly, but the dinner focused around a traditional Island Style banana leaf-wrapped pig that will be showcased upon its retrieval from its cooking lava pit that kicks off the nightly interactive luau entertainment. Pahoehoe also recognizes the rising popularity of the world craft beer enterprises and will be brewing their own renditions with an on-site brewery sporting a 1500 barrel per year capacity. Pahoehoe hopes to become the world’s first Michelin rated Luau Restaurant.

How’s that Sh*t sound???



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