Nunken Droodle and Kraw Pao – T1O (Tee One Oh!)

t1o4What the heck?

How do you come up with that kind of silly talk. I was told’ “you gotta check out their Drunken Noodle”. I was told that by two people. I also tried something called Kraw Pao. I must have spent an extra 3 minutes trying to figure out what was in the dish (the truck had Mexican takeout style pictures of the plates) . . . and then how to say the name.

So I’m back at the food trucks on the air station and I just had to try something new. Ok, what’s this stuff . . . looks like Thai . . . Speaking with the “Head Chef”, Tonny (pronounced Tony), I find out he’s Mexican . . . WTF, now I’m really confused. He says he’s Mexican Indian. Then he asks me to guess which kind of Indian. Well buckaroo, I just got back from Cancun so I guess Mayan. Sure enough I guessed right today. I also noticed that his truck didn’t have the new health rating sign (e.g. “A”) posted on the side like the other three trucks selling today. The signs are a recent law to align the standards viewed by the public for all restaurants. Tonny tells me his appointment keeps getting pushed. I can understand that because the inspectors are of course government workers and they can only work so hard, then they gotta sit down. I should know . . . I   are   one.Food rating Tonny also tells me that the new rating signs are actually just that, a rating sign. He continues to tell me that the trucks have been more closely monitored than “brick and motor” restaurants (regular buildings) for years, and they are monitored more frequently due to the different locations and events they attend. Each location and event has their own inspectors. It has been many, many years since I have dealt with a health inspector inside of a restaurant, but they should have been looking for this . . .

t1o2I don’t know what it is, perhaps a piece of wood shrapnel used to fight off the gorillas in the Thai jungles while picking the basil for the Kraw Pao. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to have any flavor, and I wasn’t able to chew through it. Whatever, I discarded it and continued to tear Tonny’s food up. Those two people were right, “You gotta try the Drunken Noodles”. Seriously healthy portions also. I got mine made with Tofu. I swear the take out (chili dog style) box was full and must have weighed 4 pounds. The best part of the Drunken Noodles was scraping the noodles that were like stuck to the inside when I got to the bottom of this feast. Kind of like the best part of eating the popcorn, is at the bottom . . .

t1o1The other dish, Kraw Pao, was equally delicious. Let’s see if I can remember what’s in this. I had chicken. Also in this dish, served atop perfect, I think, Jasmine rice, were white onions, basil . . . oh, and that stick. Relax . . . it’s all good. A foreign object in food service is a chef’s nightmare. But shit happens, even when all of the best practices, food safety and sanitation standards and other precautions are taken. I know about that stuff . . . remember my story about the lost band-aid?


Anyway, there was only one drawback that I feel is important in my book. American gringos have something about wanting chicken breast meat. Although the chicken used in the Kraw Pao was breast meat and very flavorful, I prefer thigh meat . . . it’s one of my hang-ups. I feel thigh meat is much more flavorful, it retains it’s moisture better than breast meat, making for a better meal. Then no matter where you go, the chicken breast meat always seems to be overcooked and dried out.

Well, I really liked the food at T1O and I thought Tonny’s crew did a good job. I would like to try some other items on his menu. He’s got great flavors and good portions. Yes, I ate this for lunch two days runnin’.

I’m gonna have to give T1O, 3 1/2 wontons and an official international translator,Ali-g because the wontons are Chinese.wontons

Check him out!



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