The coolest bunny ever.

So we’re traveling to Los Angeles for Easter with the in-laws. We leave just before lunch-time and decide to get our Tommy’s on, since they serve  a tamale with their famous chili. I, on the other hand, opted to get my serious Tommy’s fix so I ordered the double. If you know Tommy’s, then you know what I’m talking about. If you know me, you also know that I and Tommy’s go so far back, it’ll make most heads spin. Well, today the bunny’s head was spinnin’ . . . or, whatever you call it!

tommys-hamburgersAs we exited the freeway from the off-ramp for our Tommy’s stop, I make a small suggestion to stop and get all-you-can-eat sushi. You see, I had noticed a sign as we were exiting the off ramp that said something about “all you can eat sushi’. To our surprise there was an Easter’s’ (yes the ‘s’ is from Nacho Libre) bunny standing on the corner sign spinning for the sushi joint. Well the bunny was also gettin’ his, or her, groove on. We were watching the bunny puttin’ on some fly moves as our own stereo in the car was playin’. We were amazed that the bunny was rocking to just about the same tune as our car. The funny part was the bunny was matching our beat to “Whoop There It Is”. That fly bunny was matching every up and down-beat to our radio. I just had to snap a picture.easter3

Our day got even more intense. On the way up, my son decides to throw the ol’ curve ball into the picture by announcing he brought his birthday money with him. He tells us of this “air-soft” gun warehouse along our route of travel. He then starts puttin’ on the guilt trip, “it’s on the way . . . and you want to make me happy . . . right?” I say, “FINE, ok, let’s check it out”. The wife goes into the store first then quickly comes back out to announce, “you gotta see this joint”. I go in and am instantly amazed at what I saw. I took this video . . . probably against all rules, but I took it and now it’s here.

My son explains to me that this gun shop is amongst the 3 largest in the world, and I can see why. Air soft is a relatively new sport that is similar to paint ball, just the guns use plastic BB’s. The guns fire ultra fast and will leave a mark and a good stinging on the recipient. Yes, I’ve taken a few for the team . . . or was just shot by my son. Damn near kicked his ass! When the airsoft games are played, they’re similar to easter2military exercises and involve complicated planning and maneuvers. There are sniper and assault rifles, handguns and grenades. Quite wild! The kid even soaked us for money to buy ammo and propellant (gas) before we departed; claiming, “I gotta show my Uncle”. My response was, of course, “FINE!” I’m such a good dad. Not really, I just like really cool shit too.

Our dinner that evening involved the emptying of a 750ml bottle of Patron Silver by three adults. Yes I was one of the three . . . ’nuff said. But the real kicker was the Aretha Franklin ham my sister-in-law baked. “ARETHA!”Easter1

My Sister-in-Law made several other remarkable treats like the grilled marinated leg-of-lamb. DA BOMB! . . . She made great stuff, both that night and for breakfast  the next morning. I really enjoyed her cooking because #1, I wasn’t cooking and, #2, she’s pretty darn good in the kitchen herself. I totally enjoyed everything she made. My only assistance to her was to fulfill with her request to get one of her new electronic thermometer’s to work and what temp the ham should be served. Well that’s pretty easy. Ham is already cooked, so the correct temperature is 165 for reheating. Shit, I hope I got that right. Someone will blast me if I am wrong. Oh well!

So check out the video of the gun shop; and remember when you see the dancing bunny next year, remember that you heard about him or her, here first.

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