Jimmie and the clandestine – Cattle Call at the hole!

As I was finding my way through this whole culinary school thing, I was required to do an internship. I met a lady named Leann Rimes . . .  something like that. She is the restaurant and bar General Manager at the Gopher Hole at Castle Creek Golf Club and Resort.

JimmieHis name is Jimmie. Jimmie is one bad-ass mo fo. Jimmie is a music and entertainment events promoter and manager working with several local bands in the San Diego area. Jimmie started Cattle Call, LLC. www.cattlecallevents.com

Be sure to like Jimmie on Facebook. 

http://www.facebook.com/CattleCallLLC?ref=stream. Jimmie always has quality bands and musicians that he promotes. Tonight’s band at the “Hole” is Los Guys, a rockabilly 3-piece that throws down some serious rifts. Los Guys even came equipped with ribbon microphones to carry forward the look and feel of the era.

My bestest of friends is one bad-ass mo fo as well . . . but, way more bad-ass than the other two. She knows why I say that. Hint: It’s gotta do with something like the movie “G.I. Jane”. I’ll just leave it at that . . . but trust me, she’s bad ass!GI JANE

Well, my bad-ass bestest of friends is also in the food, beverage and hospitality business. She and I go back many years while serving together in the Navy. Tonight, I met up with her at the “Hole” while simultaneously meeting up with Jimmie. I like Jimmie and the direction his event business is going. Jimmie is from the local area and places his talent and events within a stone’s throw of my house. I want to keep our relationship keen because he may need some catering that I may be able to help with. Don’t start with me . . . I’m not saying I’m gonna start catering, but I may be able to help him with setting up the event. Anyway, my bestest of friends needed a little instructor guidance on how to better use Microsoft Power Point; and since I have a specialty in training and curriculum development, decided to meet up with her while listening to one of Jimmie’s bands. Well, I was also surprized that one of my son’s friends showed up that is involved with another one of my passions, Un-manned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), although the UAV’s he plays with are nothing like the bomb-dropping-killing-machine-warcraft I worked on. I’ll just let the young man off on that. Well, we all sat and had some beers and listened to some music while I taught my bestest of friends how to better use Power Point . . . right there in the bar.

Well the club’s General Manager has her hands full. She’s very reserved and protective of her bar’s business. She’s not the owner, just the manager trying to run a joint that has a difficult and precarious group of owners. She has said to me that the owner’s interest resides with the golfers and the membership owners of the golf course. The Gopher Hole is in a strategic location that could enable it to be so much more, but the owners, for some reason, have dismissed any desire to allow the bar to flourish.ape The Manager means well. She also agrees that Jimmie brings in the customers. Jimmie has a very large following and all of his bands bring with them lots of patrons. Patrons = money! I mentioned to the manager, during an interview for my internship, that I had lots of ideas to assist her in managing the joint, but she said she is restrained in her ability or financial latitude to create a more inviting establishment. I think that’s why she didn’t accept my internship, because I would want to change things. Whatever her motivation was, mine was seemingly opposite. I would like to see Jimmie continue to bring his entertainment to the Hole because I can walk home after a rough night of partying, I thinks his entertainment is the right direction for the “Hole”, and I want the hole to continue be available to me and other patrons.

Tonight, our group of somewhat regulars noticed that the service staff is again new. It seems as though they have had a regular turnover of staff recently. One person in our group ordered, I think, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The menu didn’t indicate anything about cheese, but it did the mayonnaise. It was ordered “hold the mayonnaise”. Upon arrival of the sandwich, it was discovered that did not have mayonnaise but rather it contained cheese. chicken-extra-cheeseThe server was notified and took the sandwich back to remove the cheese. A table bet was on that it would return without the cheese, but, this time, with the mayonnaise. Further discussion ensued about the kitchen could not just remove the cheese, but had to completely rebuild the sandwich for fear that any trace of the milk product could be detrimental to the person that ordered it. That explanation came from my bestest . . . because she is a diet and nutrition specialist . . . as well as a bad-ass mo fo. What was even more funny is the side salad that was ordered with the sandwich arrived with a pile of grated cheddar and jack cheeses on it, just moments after the same server was asked to take the sandwich back to remove the cheese. It’s like this all happened within a 1 minute time frame. We all just laughed. We’re glad all of the food finally came out correctly

We have mostly been going to the Gopher Hole since they started hailing live bands on Friday nights. They have since included Saturdays as well, but we have never been yet on a Saturday. I now really only go when Jimmie is there. I met Jimmie one night at the club. The club itself is a bit raw, with no great furnishings and odd decor. Ok . . .  it’s downright raw! It has several sport’s televisions that attempts to make up some of the foot traffic during the NFL season. The drinks and food make up a very predictable golf course menu; with bar standard jigger sized servings and just about the cheapest house-select wines I’ve ever tasted. My wife hates going the Hole because she can’t get an interesting and creative cocktail or even just a damn good glass of Chardonnay. It’s too bad that our only hope for the place is that it remains as is, and doesn’t diminish. As long as the Hole allows Jimmie to continue to provide the entertainment. Because when Jimmie’s not here, it’s like no one’s there. I don’t know . . . call it “stealth-like”.

cattle callSo follow Jimmie on Facebook and check out his shows. Also check out some of the other venues in San Diego as well. Jimmie has a big banter scheduled May 11th  for the Valley Center Music Festival at Nate’s Butt Farm where 9 bands on 2 stages will raise money to support the Valley Center Pauma Music Boosters program, band and choir students from grades 6-12. Fundraising raffle and silent auction; food, beer & wine available for purchase. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a wide variety of music. Free games for the kids.



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