A day in the life . . . , and the Jack Daniel’s Girls search engine!

It’s interesting that I can kind of map out how folks visit my website. Say, for example, today, I see there’s been 7 fresh hits . . . just today. I see that there’s been 3 from the U.S. I see that the search term was for a specific restaurant. I see that there’s been 1 hit […]

A day of marketing – Yes, another school write-up!

Seemingly there are several very good examples of introduction stage products from which to draw. A couple I can think of, and it was difficult to not take time to fully describe them here, are the Twinkie (making its anticipated resurgence soon), Pizza Rev, a fast-food, build your own (Subway or Chipotle style), 800 degree […]

Nunken Droodle and Kraw Pao – T1O (Tee One Oh!)

What the heck? How do you come up with that kind of silly talk. I was told’ “you gotta check out their Drunken Noodle”. I was told that by two people. I also tried something called Kraw Pao. I must have spent an extra 3 minutes trying to figure out what was in the dish […]

The coolest bunny ever.

So we’re traveling to Los Angeles for Easter with the in-laws. We leave just before lunch-time and decide to get our Tommy’s on, since they serve  a tamale with their famous chili. I, on the other hand, opted to get my serious Tommy’s fix so I ordered the double. If you know Tommy’s, then you […]

Jimmie and the clandestine – Cattle Call at the hole!

As I was finding my way through this whole culinary school thing, I was required to do an internship. I met a lady named Leann Rimes . . .  something like that. She is the restaurant and bar General Manager at the Gopher Hole at Castle Creek Golf Club and Resort. His name is Jimmie. Jimmie […]