Subconscious act – Chilitos


How did I see the name? I passed the place a few days ago and read something like “Chilitil’s. I guess that’s what it looks like. Well, Jose changed the look of the logo.Chilitos4

I’m glad he decided to change his logo, now with the red chili’s vice the green. He almost completely reversed the color design as well. Wow, to now spend more money on re-tooling all of your menus, business cards and other advertising. Ouch! In my opinion, the graphic concept change really makes a difference. Much better!

Check him out on Facebook!!/pages/Chilitos-Mexican-Seafood-Grill-In-San-Marcos-Ca/597899760223969?fref=ts

We stumbled on this place when attempting to visit this char-broiled chicken house . . . and that’s exactly what it was . . . chicken . . . 16 different ways. It sure looked good through the window, but the wife wanted a Chili Relleno. NOT  A CHICKEN. Check these guys out if you want a chicken . . .


Jose was a pretty nice guy. He explained that he had recently opened Chilito’s after working 17 years as a manager for Del Taco.  He finally said enough when Del Taco wanted him to relocate to beautiful Ontario, CA after having multiple stores in the San Diego region. I’d say enough as well . . . I don’t know, Ontario sure has some nice wind, dust and heat!

Jose told me that his Chilito’s concept is based on fresh preparation of classic and modern Mexican specialties. What we got were some very tasty and fresh plates that included a Shredded Beef Taco, Pollo Asado Taco, Cheese Quesadilla, Bean Tostada and a killer Chili Relleno. His salsas were fresh as was his take on the fresh chips and salsa he served while we waited for our order.

He seemed to have a reasonably good following. There were several folks seated when we walked in. We had a seat looking out the window right next to the front door. SLAM . . . SLAM . . . ! Jose says his success could be from the SpotOn Rewards  system he’s using for his repeat customers. I have never heard of this new SpotOn Rewards system. Jose says it’s the new thing. I looked into them a bit to find out SpotOn has been around since August 2012. Spot on is a system to manage rewards (e.g. discount coupons) for repeat customers. Reading more about SpotOn reveals it’s also a customer, sales and product management tool. SpotOn claims, “Everything merchants need to maximize repeat visits, strengthen off-peak business, and increase revenue”. To me it sounds more like a global Point of Sale (POS) system. An interesting concept . . . but I’m tracked enough by all of my credit card swipes.

So check out Chilito’s. Sit down and enjoy the food and Jose’s friendliness and conversation. Just don’t sit next to the front door. SLAM! . . . SLAM! . . . Wow, that was really annoying!Chilitos3

Jose, keep working on the transformation of the logo, because I immediately identified Chilito’s as being an interesting and inviting logo . . . especially if you’re gonna sell franchises. You’re a smart guy!

Check him out!!!



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