Oceanside – Breakwater Brewing Co.

So I’ll keep it short.


Stopped in at Breakwater Brewing Co. on PCH in downtown Oceanside. http://breakwaterbrewing.com

A little thrown off by the ‘order-at-the-counter” type of set-up . . . but then again I was with my parents (both @ 90), so we just wanted to get them seated and served. Well, that’s not how they do things there. Gotta get up and order. No biggie, thank god for cell phones. My brother just called in his order to me standing at the register. “Did you say macaroni salad???”, I asked. He replies in broken shitty cell service talk, “no, cole slaw you moron”.          Whatever.

The food was kinda tasty. My father loved the pizza, but it was conveyor-belt pizza. I tasted it, but they are all pretty much are the same . . . so far . . . in my opinion. But who am I? Just a Dick. Besides, I like the flavor of the stone for pizza.

The sandwiches all seemed to be a hit as did the hot wings. Not quite sure what the “au jus” was for the pastrami and I didn’t care for the slaw. I did like the bacon-laced potato salad and the DMJ (Del Mar Jetty) IPA was good as well.

Might be back again if I’m in the area, but I don’t think I’ll be taking the oldies . . . just a bit too loud (WHAAAAT? . . . goddamn hearing aids) for them. And we would be more inclined to go to somewhere to get full service.

Check ’em out!



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