Oceanside – Breakwater Brewing Co.

So I’ll keep it short. Stopped in at Breakwater Brewing Co. on PCH in downtown Oceanside. http://breakwaterbrewing.com A little thrown off by the ‘order-at-the-counter” type of set-up . . . but then again I was with my parents (both @ 90), so we just wanted to get them seated and served. Well, that’s not how they do things there. Gotta get up and order. No biggie, … Continue reading Oceanside – Breakwater Brewing Co.

Habanero Sauce – no gringo style

I have long been fascinated with hot chilis and hot sauces or salsas. I absolutely love fresh grilled jalapenos, serranos or pasilla/poblanos with a BBQ. I often times say that my Chimichurris are the best . . . and that no-one else quite stands up, or is of equal; but what I always say is sauces and salsas are like opinions; everyone’s got one and they all stink.   Something … Continue reading Habanero Sauce – no gringo style