Ok, so our last trip to Cancun presented this small challenge . . . but, over and over again.

mexican liquor bottles

It even got worse when the liquor bottle was placed in the freezer. There’s a safe pour stopper mechanism in the bottle and they are not easy to get removed. We searched for a video on how to do this process, but no one had it on YouTube.safe pour spout

We created our own. Thanks to all of the cinema-technical geniuses involved. Watch our silliness!


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  2. Had to laugh – we faced the same problem down in Nuevo Laredo a number of years ago. After much frustration (and a handy church key), we achieved a satisfactory pour.

    1. Yeah, the video does not show our initial bottle’s (plural) difficulties. The one I used just happened to be super easy. We had fun making it . . .surprised it has so many hits already.


  3. But at least with the spout, you know the maid isn’t sneaking a few swigs and topping the bottle off with water every day! That said, one day last week, the spout started spinning with the metal cap! I had to snip off the cap for my next drink.

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